Maffei pens book on life as a teen meteorologist


Danilo Herger '20

Antonio Maffei ’20 has written two books about his life as a teen meteorologist, with another on the way.

Steven Rissotto '20, Sport's Editor

    Aspiring meteorologist Antonio Maffei ’20 already has an impressive resume and more big plans ahead. The young up and coming weather lover wrote his first book, “My Journey (SO FAR!) Becoming A Meteorologist.”

    The book became an instant hit with students, teachers, and other fans of Maffei. The book highlights his life story and some of the key events that created a love and passion for weather. The story will make you laugh, cry, or both. Many of the chapters are personal, and go deep into the life and rise of Maffei.

    There is one chapter that includes details of a songwriter who admires from afar, who created a song for him. For his age and inaugural book, Maffei received a warm welcome into the writing industry with solid reviews all the way around.

    “I truly do have to give a shoutout to my co-workers at Apple,” Maffei said. “They’re really the ones who inspired and made this come true for me and really all of my weather adventures and tasks that I’m taking on is with Apple and my co-workers there.”

    Shortly after the book was released, Maffei announced a brand new book deal with his publisher, which would include future books. His second book, a weather textbook “Weather/Severe Weather,”  is an informational book about the different variations of weather.

    In late 2018, Maffei will release his third book of the series titled “Truth.”  This is set up to be the greatest and most revealing book of the series. To go along with his book series, Maffei has started a brand new podcast titled “On Air with Antonio,” and it’s currently available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

    The future is bright for the 16-year old Maffei, who works with Apple on numerous activities and projects, as well as frequent appearances on the news updating the Bay Area on weather in his hometown of Daly City.

    Maffei said, “There’s a lot of exciting things coming up in the future. First, I’m actively working on getting my weather assistant “Cumulus” setup and I’m working closely with big technology companies to get rolled out. Second, I have my third book coming out titled “Truth.””