Novicki hits college radio air waves


Henry Novicki ’18

Henry Novicki ’18 has his own radio show on WPPJ at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

Steven Rissotto '20, Sports Editor

Archbishop Riordan High School has a rich history of former students on the radio and Henry Novicki ’18 has joined the short list of Crusaders on the air waves.

Sal Castaneda ’82 is a current traffic and news anchor for KTVU News and also is the co-host of a sports talk podcast called The Sal and Steiny Show on the Apple Podcast Network. Riordan’s DJ Club visited Wild 99.7 on March 20, 2015 and took over the station from 8:00-9:00 pm.

Considered a creative mind during his time at Riordan, Novicki is now attending Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Point Park has a radio station called WPPJ, where any student with the interest in broadcasting can be heard at a professional level. Students can sign up at the beginning of the semester for a chance to have their own show. They offer a live show and a also podcast booth as an alternate. Novicki said, “My show is usually about experimental, weird or forgotten music. Sometimes I break form and just do whatever I want.”

For example, Novicki recently did a show talking about music icon Kanye West. Most radio show hosts go off-topic, while continuing to make it entertaining for the listeners at the same time.

An acting star during his tenure in purple and gold, Novicki is still interested in pursuing that career. He’s majoring in acting, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of making a career in radio.

He said, “I think if I could make a living off of it I would. It’s not my major so I probably won’t, but I’d definitely do it if I got the chance.”

While on the East Coast, Novicki’s hours are different compared to Pacific Time. Check out his show, along with the rest of the brilliant shows at