Fall blood drive a pumping

Jordan Maralit '21, Staff Reporter

Weeks before the event occurred, the CORE team in Campus Ministry invited many students to help and donate for the annual Blood Drive hosted by Campus Ministry, CORE Leadership. Many teachers and students donated blood that day to save lives. According to the CORE team, students who attend the event receive 5 Volunteer SHED hours.  The goal for the drive was to schedule and complete 90-100 blood donation appointments.

This event was hosted by the CORE Leadership team alongside the Blood Centers of the Pacific, an organization that collects blood donations and provides safe blood to save lives.  Each blood donation helps save at least three lives. The blood will be donated to those who are dealing with illnesses or blood disorders.

Anthony Thomas ‘21 said, “I remember when I first donated blood in sophomore year and it was a lot of fun. The best part about it is seeing my blood being transported into little sections. It was pretty satisfying when I saw that.”

Mr. Aguilar, counselor, wanted to share his thoughts. He said, “The staff was very warm and welcoming and made the experience seamless. I have known that I was doing something that could help someone else.”  The Riordan community continued to provide its support and through this blood drive, helped to transform lives.