Pilar regains lead after intense Fall Rally

Steven Elsner ’20, Staff Reporter

On Friday, November 8, the Crusaders held their second rally of the year on Kevin Restani Court. The purpose of the rally was to hype up the football game against Sacred Heart Cathedral and also to build school pride through friendly competition.

The rally started with a prayer by Jonathan Torrea ‘21, College Counselor Melissa Nagar singing the National Anthem, and the introduction of the host, Elias Baugh ‘20. Throughout the rally, the Crusader mascot was chasing around trying to catch the SHC leprechaun, with Baugh doing the commentary.

The events included one-on-one flag football, teacher relay races, and tug of war.

The contestants for the one-on-one flag football were: Jack Novak ‘20 for the house of Bolts, Bryce Monroe ‘20 for Pilar, Connor Rapier ‘20 for Cana and Lee Hubbard III ‘21 for Russi. The winner of the competition was the basketball star Monroe, who beat Rapier in the championship by putting on a show full of crowd gasps. Novak beat Hubbard for third place.

The teacher relay consisted of Dean of Academics Michael O’Brien for Cana, Theology teacher Joshua Kenney for Russi, librarian Paul Stevens ‘08 for Bolts, and Spanish instructor Armando Castillo for Pilar. Two contestants were dressed in lacrosse pads and helmets and the other two had blow-up dinosaur costumes on. The participant had to run through hurdles, hop through hula hoops, avoid flying balls, and shoot footballs into a basketball hoop.

The winner of the event was O’Brien, second place was Stevens, third was Castillo, and last was Kenney.

The final event was a tug of war. The first matchup was Russi versus Bolts with Bolts taking the match and moving on. The second matchup was Pilar versus Cana, with Cana advancing to the championship. The winner of the championship was Bolts edging out Cana.

However, the rally champions were the House of Cana, with Pilar, Bolts, and Russi finishing off the final three. The overall score had Pilar regaining the lead with Bolts, Cana and Russi next in line.