New features added to math classrooms

Christopher Murray '22, Staff Reporter

Some of the math teachers started a new semester with new classrooms.

Over the Christmas break, many of the math classrooms were remodeled and received new desks.

Anne Freeman, a teacher in the Math Department, said, “It was fresh and clean, and it was a change to take down all my old posters and decorate, and I like doing that.”

Along with the refreshing look of new classrooms, Freeman said that the new features provide her with a better way to teach.

“Now I have a giant television, and I can project a calculator. Before I had a small black television, which had a smaller calculator without color… I’ve gone from low tech to high tech,” she said.

Overall, the new classrooms are an upgrade. Freeman has already started decorating. “I kept it more minimal. Instead of putting up old stuff, I put up all new stuff. Everything is related to Riordan.”

Richard Kim, a new teacher at Riordan also in the Math Department, said the rooms are brighter, with more storage so he is able to move around the class to help students. He also has bigger desks, and new whiteboards. His favorite part in the remodeling is the new whiteboards because the old ones were warped, and he will use the television for his lessons.

One drastic change that has mixed responses is the different light xtures. Instead of having light xtures hanging down on the ceiling, the lights in the Math classrooms are ush with the ceiling.

“I would change the lighting,” said Freeman.

Ivan Dubriwny ’22 said one advantage of the classroom remodel is the new lights because the old lights were dim, but his eyes had to adjust.

Another student, Joseph Harbart ’22, said the new environment motivates him to do better. Joseph and Ivan’s favorite part about the remodeling is the whiteboards, and both said they look forward to other classrooms being remodeled.