With gyms closed, people turn to online options to stay active


Krista Lynae is one of many athletic trainers who offer online classes.

Juan Carlos Campos ‘22, Staff Reporter

On March 17, the California Coronavirus (Covid19) response went into effect. The order stated that people should stay at home except for essential needs, and if people need to go out, they must stay 6 feet away from others and wear a cloth mask. After the stay at home order began, fitness centers, movie theaters and other non essential businesses were required to close.

Many people in the community were unsure of their options to stay in shape while all the fitness centers were closed. People like Krista Lynae and Abraham Hernandez, who own Upgrade Fitness Training, were quick to change their style of training to accommodate the current lockdown situation.  They switched their workouts from fitness center workouts to online fitness classes, where they were able to do in their home through Zoom.

Lynae said, “Having to stay home has affected us big time as well as our business because we work as personal trainers. After figuring out that we could do online zoom workouts, we started getting a consistent group of about 10-20 fantastic individuals to attend.  It has really helped us to sustain our household financially.”

After following up with a current participant, Monica Ortega, on how the Zoom workouts have helped her, she said, “The changes were difficult at first. Trying to adapt to these workouts helps me keep a structured day and allow me to look forward to something that is already planned out, that I have committed to do, and paid in advance.”

With the stay at home order being extended, Zoom workouts are starting to become more popular as more people start wanting to become less lazy and more active.