1990s: The Trendsetters

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Dr. Claiborne Childs, Class of 1998

Antonio Maffei ’20, Website, Social Media Editor

1990s: The Trendsetters

Dr. Claiborne Childs graduated from Archbishop Riordan High School in 1998, and has been on the frontlines of the most recent pandemic. Dr. Childs was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Ingleside district near Riordan. His mother was a principal in the San Francisco Unified School District while his father was a SFMTA streetcar conductor.

During his time at Riordan, Dr. Childs was heavily involved, serving as the junior class president and student body vice president while being a devoted member of the National Honor Society, CSF, the Riordan Band, the Marianist LIFE Team, and the African American Student Union.

He said, “My favorite memories at Riordan have to be the junior ring ceremony, making that cross into upperclassmen, but the KAIROS retreat may top that a little bit.”

Dr. Childs credits his success in the fight against COVID-19 to his skills learned at Riordan saying, “Riordan has prepared me a lot, especially in studentleadership, to be comfortable where  you are most uncomfortable.”

Dr.Childs brought those leadership skills with him from Riordan to Yale where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and African American Studies. He then moved on to teach high school biology in Queens, NY before going to Georgetown where he earned his medical degree.

In light of COVID-19, Dr. Childs has been providing care for multiple patients who are freshly coming out of the Intensive Care Unit in Philadelphia.

Dr. Childs had one thing to say in regards to graduating from Archbishop Riordan High School, “I’m a proud alumnus.”