VR game lets gamers answer question: What would Jesus do?



A new virtual reality game allows players to experience the life of Jesus through his miracles.

Ian Martin ‘20, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Virtual reality is the new frontier of gaming. Many major and independent game developers are currently trying their hand in this field.

The goal of virtual reality is to immerse the player into the game and make it feel like real life. This technology is still relatively new and it is constantly being updated to enhance the experience.

Game developer SimulaM has been working on a new VR experience unlike any other known as, “I Am Jesus Christ.” In this game, the player will be in control of Jesus Christ and perform miracles, exorcisms, and even have a face off with the devil in the desert.

There has been some concern, however, about how this game may be labeled sacrilegious because the developers are adding features like a “realistic fight with Satan.”

“Any game about Jesus and using His powers will present unique difficulties because He literally has the power to do anything. For example, if He battles a demon, it would seem to show that He and the demon have the same power or are on an even footing, which would definitely conjure up ideas of heresy and disrespect for God,” said religion teacher Joshua Keeney.

“I think, however, there are plenty of holes in the lifetime of Jesus that would allow the developers a certain artistic creativity in developing Jesus’ story,” added Keeney.

While the game has yet to be released, it has been the focus of some drama. Some Catholics believe this game needs to be stopped because the developers would be profiting off of Jesus’ image just like the “Walking on Water” Jesus Air Max Nike shoes, which had Holy Water in them.

“Profiting off the image of Jesus in this video game should not present a moral conundrum for people. Simply using an animated version of Jesus in this video game wouldn’t differ from using an animated version of Jesus in a cartoon or movie, or one could even say using the image of Jesus on a crucifix or religious imagery. Those items are sold for money as well, but the intention of the seller or maker is not simply to amass a fortune, but to educate and provide a beautiful piece of artwork glorifying God, unlike the ‘Walking on Water’ Jesus Air Max Nike, which sold holy water as part of their item and charged thousands of dollars per pair,” stated Keeney.

There is a lot of concern about the release of this game, but the developers have even stated that they are actively working to ensure the players that their game will be historically accurate. The development team has even been traveling to Israel to get the feel for the landscape and design the game after the actual locations in real life.

SimulaM will continue to work on this game and they are hoping that their other Biblical game in development, “Noah’s Ark,” will not be a source of drama.