New prayer app designed to enhance spiritual connection

Click to Pray has created an interactive 10-bead rosary bracelet with an app.

Click to Pray has created an interactive 10-bead rosary bracelet with an app.

Aidan Murtagh , Sports Features Editor

Developers from Click to Pray have released a new interactive rosary bracelet and an accompanying app that aims to make prayer easier and more accessible for users.

The Click to Pray eRosary is a bracelet that is composed of 10 beads (to represent a decade of the rosary) that are connected on each end by a cross, which, as the Click to Pray website puts it, symbolizes “the ever enduring human faith.”

The bracelet is a Bluetooth device that comes with a free downloadable app, and the bracelet’s technological data is stored within the small cross of the bracelet. The bracelet and app guide users through several variations of the rosary and also has visual and audio features to assist users in their prayer. For example, the app has audio files that explain the mysteries in between each decade of the rosary, better preparing its users to reflect on this mystery during the subsequent decade.

The bracelet also serves as a personal health assistant, keeping track of daily activity including steps taken, calories burned, and meters traveled. With its multi-purpose nature, the bracelet costs a little under $110 on Amazon’s Italian website.

The bracelet unlocks all features on the app, but for those who cannot afford the bracelet, there are still limited features offered that help users pray the rosary.

Joshua Keeney, a Religious Studies instructor at Archbishop Riordan High School, shared, “The app does have usability and allows the user to keep up with praying their rosary as well as praying for the monthly intentions of Pope Francis. Since the user of this app would have to buy the e-beads for the rosary to connect to the app, I believe there are better options to support prayer during this time of quarantine.”

Keeney added, “The app we already use for many of the religion classes, Laudate, provides users with many additional prayers including an interactive and audible rosary. Some other prayer apps include the Pray, which is a novena app, Formed, which is a Catholic version of Netflix that has quality movies, books, and audible prayers. and ClickToPray, which shows messages from people around the world asking and praying for specific intentions.”

Zachary Phillips ‘20 shares Keeney’s appreciation for the utility of the app, saying that “The app was very helpful in making praying the rosary accessible. In turn, that has really changed my life and gave me a boost in my prayer life. The app I use gives me descriptions of each mystery and that was helpful for me because I was a beginner to praying the rosary.”

The Click to Pray eRosary allows anyone to continue their faith journey through devotion to Mary.

The rosary provides a way to get to Jesus through the help of the Blessed Mother Mary, and with this new electronic rosary, she is now more accessible than ever.