WCAL Welcoming Riordan Women into League


Sophia Carrasquilla ‘22, Girl Sports Editor

WCAL, also known as the West Catholic Athletic League, is a part of the CIF/Central Coast Section. This league has been running since 1967. 

At first, the WCAL only provided competition for men’s teams. It wasn’t until 2002 when the league included women’s teams. 

Over the years, the WCAL has become known as one of the most dominant and competitive athletic associations in Northern California. On the state level, men’s teams have won five state championships and the women’s teams have won two.

Archbishop Riordan High School has made a name for itself in this league for strong sport teams, highlighting especially the 2020 wrestling champions and 15 time WCAL basketball champions. 

With Riordan’s current status in the WCAL, the following womens sports will be joining the league in their upcoming seasons: women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s tennis, as well as women’s soccer. 

Having the new women’s teams joining the league was surprising news. Riordan’s athletic director, Bob Greene, explained why the program decided to introduce the new teams into the WCAL so early.

I’m looking forward to growing and improving as an athlete in the WCAL. As I’ve been told this is one of the greatest leagues in the state”

— Elci Cortes ‘22

“Our plan going into everything had been to have the majority of our girls sports participate, at least this first year, with an independent schedule. We felt this allowed for the best situation for our girls programs to get off the ground successfully,” Greene said.

“With the pandemic has come a lot of unknowns and massive changes to the athletic calendar in the state and our section. So, we approached the WCAL about adding our teams into the league schedules for all of our girls programs and thankfully they were very receptive and supportive to this,” he said.

The WCAL includes 10 different schools from San Francisco to San Jose. The current champions for the 2019 to 2020 season in women’s sports, is Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in volleyball; Archbishop Mitty holds the title for both women’s basketball and women’s soccer. Lastly, in women’s tennis, Saint Francis rules the court.

Schools that will be competing for the 2020-2021 season include Archbishop Mitty (boys), Archbishop Riordan High School (boy and girls), Bellarmine (boys), Junipero Serra (boys), Presentation (girls), Sacred Heart Cathedral (boys and girls), Sacred Heart Prep (boys and girls), Saint Francis (boys and girls), Saint Ignatius (boys and girls) and Valley Christian (boys and girls).

Mr. Greene was also asked about his thoughts on the challenge that these new teams may have competing this season. 

“Certainly, playing in a league as competitive as the WCAL is a big challenge for any program and it will be for our girls programs. However, we believe our girls and our coaches are prepared and excited for that challenge and playing in the WCAL secures our schedule of games and contests in this very unique year.”

Student athletes and faculty are excited to see the women’s sport teams have the opportunity to represent Riordan alongside their fellow male athletes.