Murder mystery takes over video game community


Among Us is a survival mystery game that is gaining popularity.

Andrei Lynch '22

Among Us, a free online survival mystery game created by InnerSloth , which originally came out in 2018, has become popular again. The game has gained players due to video creators and streamers making content surrounding the game on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. 

The game can be played with four to 10 people and starts with a player starting out as an impostor or a crew mate. None of the crew mates know who the impostor is and need to find that out throughout the round. 

 The game works by having a cremate, you complete tasks, like emptying garbage or swiping an admin card, in order to win the game and as an impostor, your objective is to kill all the crew mates. If an impostor kills a crew mate, a person can report the body and the whole lobby of people need to decide who killed that person. If they get the impostor, the game ends. If they do not find an Impostor, they have to continue to play until all the tasks are completed. 

Emily Ekhaus ’23 said she plays “Just because it’s fun, it sparks some fun conversations, and my friends live mostly on the east coast so it’s a good way for us to do something together.” 

The game is especially popular now because everyone is stuck at home and needs a fun way to converse with people. The other reason is streamers play it everyday, which gets people to try it at home and people enjoy playing the game.

Leo Magnaye ’05, co-moderator of the RCade Club,  said, “I kept seeing these little colorful astronaut memes and I just ignored them until I saw them too often to bypass. Then I saw someone on Twitch streaming it, but I didn’t understand their frustration during the emergency meetings. It wasn’t until I played it with my cousins and sister that I finally understood.”

Religious Studies teacher Josh Keeney said, “Although I do not play the Among Us anymore, I would focus on one map at a time. Learn the ins and outs of that map and you’ll understand how to maneuver through them more easily. Pay attention to the tendencies of other players when they discuss possible Impostors and notice the techniques people use when they lie (these are also good life lessons).”