Ingleside’s Sundial under consideration for historic designation


John McQuaid '22

The Ingleside Terraces Sundial, at Entrada Court and constructed in 1913, is under consideration for being designated as a historic landmark. It was built at the time the neighborhood was developed, and at the time, was the largest sundial in the world.

John McQuaid '22, Opinion Editor

Near the center of Ingleside Terraces, the Ingleside Sundial has stood the test of time since 1913, and was recently nominated to become an official city landmark.

The iconic Sundial, sometimes called the Urbano Sundial, is well known by the residents of Ingleside Terraces, a small area within the Ingleside neighborhood.

It is 28-feet tall, made of marble and concrete, has previously been the location of neighborhood gatherings and is occasionally a place where neighborhood children play.

Jalen Woods ’22, who has lived near the sundial for 13 years, said, “I think it’s still a really nice place and pretty well kept up, considering how long it’s been around for.” He also mentioned that it is well known and fairly beloved by the community, so he is definitely glad that the city is paying attention to it, though he made it clear that restricting access to the sundial would not be a good course of action.

Armando Castillo, a Riordan teacher who taught a San Francisco History class at one point, was also glad to see the Sundial being given proper respect.

He said, “I’m glad, because that will prevent anybody from coming in and destroying it.”

Luckily for both Jalen and Castillo, the Sundial already had its first hearing to review the application, which was scheduled for this month.

Fans of the Sundial are hoping the application will be approved, but will have to wait to see as it goes through a series of meetings that could take months.