Alumni, Development offices host second golf tourney


On April 26, 125 members of the Riordan community attended a golf tournament fundraiser where a total of $22,000 was raised. 

Just as in October, the event was sold out and all necessary precautions were taken to keep all the people in attendance safe, including social distancing, plastic barriers in golf carts, and sanitizing stations.

Once again, members of the Riordan golf team participated as well, and Alumni Director Paul Cronin ’93 noted that the attendees were cordial and enjoyed themselves. One attendee, Ernesto Castillo ’87, said that he enjoyed the event and considers it a great opportunity to connect with other alumni.

He also had a chance to meet some students from the golf team, who were able to raise $1,300 on their own.

Cronin, the event’s coordinator, made clear what a success it was. “This was the first ever spring golf tournament Riordan has held and the event couldn’t have been better.” 

He said, “We sold out in record time and were blessed with blue skies in Daly City. There were lots of smiling faces out there and it was just awesome to see the Riordan community come together and have a great time with each other.”

This event was notably similar to the fall tourney, including the inability to perform any ceremonies inside. Cronin noted that more than half the attendees were alumni, including many who graduated more recently in the 90s and 2000s.