Basketball fans mourn loss of Kentucky’s Clarke


University of Kentucky

Terrence Clarke died in a car crash in Los Angeles on April 22.

Terrence Clarke, a 19-year- old freshman guard on the University of Kentucky Wildcats Mens’ College Basketball team, was killed in a fatal car accident on April 22 in Los Angeles.

Surveillance evidence shows Clarke was the only person in the vehicle and was not wearing his seatbelt correctly, according to police and news reports. The reports also indicate he was allegedly speeding in a 2021 Hyundai Genesis and ran a red light, resulting in a disastrous collision with a truck. The truck

driver did not claim any injuries. Shortly after the accident, Clarke was rushed to Northridge Hospital and was later pronounced dead, with his mother by his side.

Clarke recently entered the NBA Draft in hopes of achieving his life-long dream of becoming an NBA player.

In high school, Clarke was one of the top players in the nation and had a large impact on many young players such as Archbishop Riordan High School’s varsity basketball player, Marcellus Edwards ’22, who shared his thoughts on Clarke’s death by saying, “Terrence Clarke really inspired me to keep my head up and push through tough times. He always worked through adversity and that helped me. He said you gotta put the work in if you want to be good. It took him years to get to where he was and I use that as inspiration and motivation to keep pushing myself.”

Terrence Clarke’s work ethic and determination will continue to inspire young people who look to achieve their dreams of making the NBA.