Wildfires continue to burn through state

Mahkai Hunt ’23, Staff Reporter

Over the past few months, wildfires have continued to devastate lives and the environment. 

From wildlife being destroyed and people having to leave their homes, to outdoor events getting canceled because of the bad air quality caused by smoke, the wildfires have touched many in California. 

Some of the major wildfires were Monument fire located in Del Loma CA, which burned from July 30 and was last updated on Oct. 7 to still be burning. Another impactful wildfire was the KNP Complex in Sequoia National Park. This fire was reported on Sept. 10 and was updated on Oct. 14. 

Wildfires are large, destructive fires that spread quickly over woodland or brush. What some people may not know is that wildfires are historically good for the environment if they go through the natural cycle called ecological succession. It’s the system that the Earth cycles through to allow new growth and give rise to new primary succession and a healthier ecosystem. 

AP Environmental Science teacher Micheal O’Brien said, “The reason that the fires have not gotten better is because of the continuation of climate change that humans have a large part in.”

 O’Brien said students can help this situation by tracking their carbon footprint, which means catching the bus or walking, and not always using a car.