Doggy doo disposal bins dispersed on Ocean


Logan Estrada '22

The reporter’s dog Sweetie poses in front of one of the new doggy bag dispensers for pet waste.

Logan Estrada , Staff reporter

Ocean Avenue, the cross street of Riordan’s address, hosts a multitude of local businesses and homes. 

In addition, this roadway boasts a few historic buildings. This includes Beep’s Burgers, which has been running since 1962 and serves up burgers, shakes, and more, as well as the Él Rey Theatre, former theater and then a Pentecostal church.

Efforts by the city to keep the streets clean and keep these historical buildings shining has brought forth the implementation of doggy bag dispensers along Ocean Avenue, whose idea was introduced by the Ocean Paws Pet Store!

These dispensers can be spotted by their dark green coloration and found posted on the poles near the crosswalks. The dispensers also come with a sign to remind owners to clean up after their pets as well as a garbage bin below to dispose of the used bags. There are currently six dispensers, two new ones coming soon.

Dog owner Drew Parenti ’22 likes the idea. “People aren’t going to have an excuse for not picking up after their dogs because the bags will be right in front of them.”

English teacher and dog owner Michael Vezzali-Pascual ’88 said, “I think dog bag dispensers with biodegradable bags in strategic places on Ocean Avenue would be very helpful for encouraging dog owners to pick up after their pets.”

He added, “But no matter what solutions are offered, the problem with dog poop is not the dogs. The problem with dog poop is dog owners.”