Magnificent Seven ready to take down competition


Sophia Carrasquilla '22

New members of the wrestling team include Victoria Martinez ’24, Nolina Ezra Maltez ’25, Andrea Aguilar ’24, Marcella Fabre ’23, Jiyoon Park ’24, Nha Thi ’23 and Luna Medina ’24.

Sophia Carrasquilla '22, Girls Sports Editor

As Riordan continues to progress in becoming a fully incorporated co-ed high school, there are still certain sports that have yet to receive full female participation as some other athletics or clubs have.

Riordan wrestling has become a powerful program, throughout history as a (winning stats) team. This year, the program has slowly attracted seven strong girls: Marcella Fabre ’23, Nha Thi ’23, Luna Medina ’24, Jiyoon Park ’24, Victoria Martinez ’24, Nolina Ezra Maltez ’25, Andrea Aguilar ’24.

“It’s intense, hardcore, painful, sweaty and a little unsanitary, but it’s more rewarding than any other sport I’ve done, and the feeling of accomplishment after just one practice is enough to know that I love it,” ”

— Marcella Fabre '23

As the sport and school has been mainly advertised as boy’s only, over the past two years, that has changed and inspired many young women to break that status quo.

“The biggest challenge when joining the Riordan Wrestling team was making the decision, and having the confidence to just go for it,” Marcella added. “It was out of my comfort zone and a completely new thing, especially because it is such a male dominated sport.”

The wrestling program was set to start practice on Nov. 1 and has been in pre-season with daily practices in the mat room. In progress to create a more cohesive environment between the incoming freshmen and future female participants, the program has highlighted the accomplishments of all players.

Sophia Carrasquilla ’22

“Every practice is hard, but it’s so much better because everyone is dying together. When someone achieves something, or has a good practice, we commemorate them for that, and all push each other to succeed”

Marcella was the first female to officially have her name on the roster amongst the 40 male student athletes.

“So far my biggest accomplishment has been being a part of the first co-ed wrestling team at Riordan. I’m super proud of us ladies who will now forever be known as the first female wrestlers,” Fabre said. “It was a big step just joining the team and it’s so rewarding when I get to learn a new skill or feel stronger during practice.”

Overall the program is looking forward to welcoming many more female athletes and creating a fully co-ed transitioned team.

“I know it’s challenging to try something different, but it is worse to regret something when you’re older. Trust me, it is so rewarding and I am so happy I joined. We don’t have enough girls to have a variety and junior varsity team, so if you’re a girl and considering joining, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, and show them who’s boss!”