Team checks in for first lacrosse home game


Hana Wadlow '25

Nico Berdichevsky ’24 goes into attack mode in the home game against Carlmont on April 9.

Daniel Bales '24

April 9 was a big day for Riordan sports as the lacrosse program had its first ever home game on Mayer Family Field.

In the lacrosse program’s seven year history, they have never had a home game until now, and it ended with the Crusaders bringing home a victory for this historic day.

Many fans showed up in anticipation of this banner day and Riordan Athletics supplied free food and music for the fans.

Jonathan Kruger ’24, defense for the Riordan lacrosse team, said, “The game was insane, we caught the dub and it was a nice fair game, plus nothing illegal.”

Kruger’s feelings towards the game encapsulates the lacrosse team’s morale from the 6-1 win against Carlmont.

The lacrosse team hopes that in the future they can play more games on Mayer Field, as playing on home turf boosts morale and leads to better performance.

Player Tim Bayaraa ’24 said, “Definitely one of our best games. It was nice seeing the fan turnout and winning.”

This day will definitely be one of many memorable games in the Lacrosse program’s history.