Class of ’26 reflects on first 30 days as a Crusader


The Class of 2026 experienced a Riordan tradition during their first 30 days of high school: Frosh Olympics.

Ishaan Gupta '26 , Staff reporter

     It has been over a month since the school year started. This first month has featured many events including the homecoming rally, the first Mass of the year, sporting events, the House Games, and the Frosh Olympics. Riordan’s newest class, the Class of 2026, had many different thoughts on their first 30 days of high school.

Q: What do you like best about Riordan? 

A: Mason Cohn: “What I like about Riordan best is that it gives me a lot of opportunities to do things that I enjoy.”

A: Nicholas Ordonez: “I like that the community at this school and everybody comes together as one, and working out with the basketball team.”

A: Jayden Tamboury: “Probably the people–a lot of them are pretty kind and are welcoming.”

Q: What are you surprised about Riordan? 

A: Augusto Noguera: “What I’m mostly surprised about Riordan is the community life. As a freshman, I was welcomed in a nice way and it was really easy to meet new people. In my opinion, Riordan is the perfect school to bring people together.”

A: Josiah Perez Reilly: “I was surprised about the brotherhood on the football team here at Riordan and how close everyone is with each other. I know everyone has each other’s backs on and off the field.” 


A: Mel Cai: “I was surprised by Riordan because of the community. To be completely honest, Riordan wasn’t my original high school plan, but I’m so happy I chose it. The community is so friendly, loving, supportive, and just so kind in general. Everyone is always there for you, and I mean everyone. Teachers, students, other staff members, parents, etc, they are always there for you. Teachers help guide you at school while students help you out in your worst moments. I’m so happy I go to Riordan because I appreciate my teachers and friends so much. I was shocked at how kind everyone was here at Riordan because, in any typical high school movie, everyone bullies each other. But it isn’t like that at our school, instead, we seem to be really chill. Riordan’s community is honestly amazing.”


Q: What do you wish you knew coming into freshman year? 

A: Arnav Nair: “I wish I knew how organized I would have to become going into the year. In terms of classes and the schedule, it’s a bit more demanding as most of my classes assign work on a consistent basis.” 

A: Amer De Juan: “I wish I knew that BioMed was not that hard to apply for and it would be worth it, and I also wish I knew that some clubs didn’t start the week after club rush.”

A: Owee Angeles: “ I wish I knew there was going to be lots of homework, and how crowded the cafeteria gets.”


Q: What advice would you give to freshmen next year? 

A: Ariah Thompson: “Just be the best, no matter what you’re going up against!”

A: Briana Alvarado: “To be yourself and not to be nervous for freshman year. If you do, you’re just going to put more stress on yourself.”

A: Keisuke Kumamoto: “Studying might be difficult for some people, but teachers and students are nice, so ask us anytime! I hope you all do well.” 


Q: What is your favorite class? 

A: Jason Bertana said, “I like Resource and Wellness since you get to do activities with your friends.”

A: Annelise Hall: “My favorite class is Religion because I love all the people in it.”

A: Chloe De Castro: “Probably Global Ethnic Studies with Ms. Morello. Ms. Morello is a really fun teacher, and her class is always enjoyable. We always have fun class discussions, and you won’t get bored if you were in her class.”

Q: What is your favorite meal from the cafeteria? 

A: Andres Zamora: “I’m not going to lie, but the chicken teriyaki at Riordan is the best.”

A: Karen Hernandez: “My favorite lunch is the bacon mac and cheese.”

A: Patrick Cistaro: “My favorite meal is the burrito.” 


The first month at Riordan has been a great start and there will be many more great experiences to come.