Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk immerses visitors in lights, music, cyborgs

Bianca Dizon '23 , Staff Reporter

Award-winning visual artist and animation director, Kongkee had an immersive art debut on Nov. 18 as a special exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in the city of San Francisco. Visitors were greeted by vibrant red neon lights, instilling curiosity as it presents an uncommon theme for cultural art.

Inspired by the Warring States period (339 – 278 BCE) in Chinese History, Kongkee transformed historical art into a modern sci-fi-themed dystopia. Similar to other cyberpunk art compositions, he used neon lights and robots to display futuristic designs and concepts to create ties with the past and future.

This connection is further exemplified through the series of artworks that follow the journey of the poet, Qu Yuan in his search for truth in a new world with immortality. 

The visual designs pull viewers into a hypnotic state of mind and bring them into a parallel universe of cyborgs and music. Deep and captivating emotions brought out by each art piece depict different thoughts and emotions of a tormented soul within a mechanical heart.

The humanity that can be found behind an artificial consciousness can be seen as more true to themselves than real humans. Kongkee’s exceptional visual storytelling leaves visitors with a new alternative perspective.

Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk is on view through Jan. 23, 2023.