Tensions heat up over gas stoves


Jameson Datoc '23

A potential ban on gas stoves is sparking controversy.

Julien Untalan ’24, Campus News Editor

We, the people, are under attack from our very own government. The Man hopes to take away our so-called “unalienable” rights of life, liberty, and happiness with their draconian mandate of the future ban of gas appliances. 

They mask their ulterior motives by proclaiming that their withdrawal of our property is for the health of the people. They spread the idea that gas stoves pollute our air and poison our children and therefore must be removed; however, do not be fooled by such deception! 

While there may be some evidence that gas stoves release some pollutants and cause asthma in children, the government still has no reason to take away our stoves for our health. If they were so concerned for our health, then they would tackle the bigger producers of pollution and actually hold them accountable for their actions of destroying the environment.

Unfortunately they don’t, and until they do, gas stoves deserve to stay in our homes. 

We, the common people, do not dump chemical waste into our water. We do not spill millions of gallons of oil into our oceans, nor do we manufacture millions of tons of plastics that continue to litter our Earth. 

We simply live our lives in a constant attempt to be happy, a right recognized by our country’s founders in the Declaration of Independence. So why must we, the people, be punished for the sins of the corporations? 

It is my American right to be able to roast bell peppers on a Friday night on a gas stove that I own. No individual or institution shall ever be able to rightfully infringe on my right to cook. 

We are entitled to our own pursuit of happiness and anything that hinders us from continuing this goal in our lives should be treated as an enemy of American values, even if it is the government. 

The government has no right to impede our God-given right to roast bell peppers or warm tortillas; we cannot allow the government to step all over its citizens!

It is our duty as citizens of America to protect its values from all invaders, foreign or domestic. So, when the day comes when our gas stoves are ordered to leave our homes, we must resist and demand our rights as Americans do! 

Let freedom ring and let our gas stoves cook!