• December 7Boys Basketball team wins 63rd Crusader Classic
  • November 30House Standings: Cana, Bolts, Pilar, Russi
  • November 26Wrestling & Basketball open seasons with tournaments
  • November 20The Book of Will ushers in holiday season

The Crusader

2022-2023 Staff

Joseph Zuloaga 23

Joseph Zuloaga ’23

Joseph Zuloaga '23 is the Editor-in-Chief for The Crusader. He joined the newspaper club because he is deeply passionate about journalism and interested becoming a journalist in the future. In addition to being involved in T...

Angelina Ning 23
Features Editor, The Shield EIC

Angelina Ning ’23

Angelina Ning '23 is the Features Editor for The Crusader newspaper and the Editor in Chief of The Shield multimedia magazine. She is also the captain of the varsity girl’s tennis team. In her free time, she enjoys liste...

Julien Untalan 24
Campus News Editor

Julien Untalan ’24

Naomi Lin 24
Opinion Editor

Naomi Lin ’24

Naomi Lin '24 is the Opinion Editor for The Crusader. She joined Journalism to hopefully dive deeper into a different form of writing. Outside of Riordan, she enjoys swimming, reading, and singing. One of her favorite stories...

Angela Jia 25
National and World News Editor

Angela Jia ’25

Angela Jia ‘25 is the National/World News Editor for The Crusader. She joined the club initially as a way to simply get more involved in school activities, but quickly became passionate about journalism and its importance i...

Julian Johnson 25
Technology Editor

Julian Johnson ’25

Normay Arriola 24
Science Editor

Normay Arriola ’24

Normay Arriola '24 is the Science for The Crusader. She also runs track and field, participates in martial arts outside of school, and is a member of National Honor Society, PAC, and ASA club. Her favorite story is the one about...

Alex Robinson 23
Religion Editor

Alex Robinson ’23

Alex Robinson '23 is a first-year staff member and the current Religion Editor for Riordan's Crusader newspaper. He has been a Student Parliament member for three years, an Achieve Scholar, Bay Scholar, National Honors Society...

Talia Bumanglag 24
A&E Editor

Talia Bumanglag ’24

Talia Bumanglag '24  is a reporter and Arts & Entertainment editor for The Crusader. She joined her sophomore year to learn about journalism and become a better writer. She is also a part of the Knights program, Nationa...

Addison Hwang 24
Girls Sports Editor

Addison Hwang ’24

Addison Hwang '24  is the Girls Sports Editor for The Crusader newspaper. She is also the captain of the girl’s varsity tennis team and a member of PAC club. Outside of school she enjoys dancing and rock climbing. Her fa...

Don Tsang 23
Boys Sports Editor

Don Tsang ’23

Don Tsang '23 is the Boys Sports Editor and a reporter for The Crusaders. He joined The Crusaders in his junior year to participate in journalism. He is the captain for the Men's varsity Tennis Team and a member of ASA. He hopes...

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23
Food Review Editor

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23 is an award-winning journalist and review editor for The Crusader, a nationally ranked high school newspaper. His work mainly consists of reviews and campus news. His favorite story is his foo...

Vee Chen 25
Staff Reporter and Artist

Vee Chen ’25

Vee Chen ‘25 is a staff reporter and artist for The Crusader, and also involved in The Shield multimedia magazine. Vee is also a part of the Riordan Marching Band, Art Club, and READI Club, among some other activities. Their fa...

Kai Murguz 25
Staff Reporter and Artist

Kai Murguz ’25

Rhys Appleby 24
Staff Reporter

Rhys Appleby ’24

Rhys Appleby ‘24 is a first year staff reporter at The Crusader. He has been playing baseball for Riordan since freshman year. He also participates in the Asian Students Association and plans to join other clubs this year.

Daniel Bales 24
Staff Reporter

Daniel Bales ’24

Daniel Bales '24  is a second year reporter for The Crusader. Daniel Joined because of his interest in writing and journalism and learning how to write stories.

Sarah Cai ’24
Staff Reporter

Sarah Cai ’24

Sarah Cai ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She joined journalism because she is interested in writing and wants to become a better writer. She is a member of the ASA club and Art club. During her free time, she likes...

Gianluca Carboni ‘24
Staff Reporter

Gianluca Carboni ‘24

Gianluca Carboni ‘24 is a first year reporter for The Crusader. He is an active participant in Riordan’s band, cross country, and track program. He also takes visual art classes on weekends. He joined Journalism to improve...

Jaiden Cherkis 24
Staff Reporter

Jaiden Cherkis ’24

Jaiden Cherkis '24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He looks forward to reporting for the school newpaper. He is also a member of the Auto Shop Club aswell as Knights of Riordan.

Charles Chu 24
Staff Reporter

Charles Chu ’24

Charles Chu, member of the Class of 2024, works as a reporter/photographer for The Crusader newspaper. He also plays Varsity Football here at Riordan. He joined Riordan's journalism program immediately following his transfer...

Deanie Cooper 24
Staff Reporter

Deanie Cooper ’24

Deanie Cooper ‘24 is a reporter for the Riordan newspaper. Deanie is a member of the Varsity Soccer and Tennis team. She is also apart of the Knights of Riordan. Deanie’s favorite story shes written is “Gymnast vaults into stardom.” She loved learning about the time and effort put into others sp...

Bianca Dizon ‘23
Staff Reporter

Bianca Dizon ‘23

Bianca Dizon ‘23 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She just recently transferred from the Philippines. She joined journalism to be able to write better and believes that it would help her become more aware of the things...

Talisha Flores ‘24
Staff Reporter

Talisha Flores ‘24

Talisha Flores ‘24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. Apart from being a part of the news team, Talisha is also involved in the Knights of Riordan and Art Club. She is deeply interested in journalism and writing and is...

Mahkai Hunt ’23
Staff Reporter

Mahkai Hunt ’23

Mahkai Hunt is a member of Student Parliament and the Black Student Union. His favorite story is "Female footballer finds fame," which is about Riordan's first girl to play on the football team. The story won a Best of SNO in J...

Iris Jaboneta 23
Staff Reporter

Iris Jaboneta ’23

Iris Jaboneta is a reporter for The Crusader and is a part of Drama Club. Currently, she is the stage manager of The Book of Will presented by Archbishop Riordan Drama. Her favorite story she has written is  about a certain...

Nora Maguire ‘24
Staff Reporter

Nora Maguire ‘24

Nora Maguire ‘24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She plays on the girls Varsity soccer team and is also apart of the Knights of Riordan.

Nick Nye ‘25
Staff Reporter

Nick Nye ‘25

Nick Nye ‘25 is a reporter and photographer at The Crusader. He is an avid scouting (aka Boy Scouts) leader, cat lover, and football fan. Nick grew up as a 49ers and Warriors fan, and watches every single game of those teams....

Gigi Richardson ‘24
Staff Reporter

Gigi Richardson ‘24

Gigi Richardson ‘24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She joined this year wanting to learn more about journalism and expand her writing skills. many of her friends were in it, and she wanted to try something new. She...

Michael Schulz 23
Staff Reporter

Michael Schulz ’23

Julian Serrano ‘24
Staff Reporter

Julian Serrano ‘24

Julian Serrano ‘24 is a Student Reporter. This is his first year both as a reporter and as an Archbishop Riordan student. His hobbies include playing the piano, reading, and writing.

Ethan Vargas ‘23
Staff Reporter

Ethan Vargas ‘23

Ethan Vargas ‘23  is a news reporter for The Crusader. Ethan is a Saint Francis Scholar and dedicated to his academics. He loves to play and watch baseball, and is currently on the Riordan baseball team. He also has two ...

Hana Wadlow 25
Staff Reporter

Hana Wadlow ’25

Hana Wadlow ‘25 is a Staff Reporter and Photographer for The Crusader. She joined her Freshman year to pursue her curiosity in journalism. Apart from writing articles for the Newspaper she is part of the Wrestling and Swim ...

Julia Yamsuan 24
Staff Reporter

Julia Yamsuan ’24

Staff Reporter

Melissa Chiao ‘25

Melissa Chiao ‘25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She is part of the girl’s varsity volleyball team, Knights of Riordan, and the Biomedical Program. Her favorite story is "She-Hulk Slammed by Critics and Online Reviews" because she is excited to see the increase of females with leading roles in shows and m...

Hazel Nagata-Rampata ‘26

Hazel Nagata-Rampata ’26 is a Staff Reporter for The Crusader. This is her first year as a reporter; she joined because of her love for reading and writing stories. She likes swimming, skiing, rainy weather, her dogs, and sp...

Katelyn Leong 25
Staff Reporter

Katelyn Leong ’25

Bo Wyatt 24
Staff Reporter

Bo Wyatt ’24

Bo Wyatt ‘24 is a third year staff reporter for The Crusader; having joined freshman year by recommendation of her English teacher. Following this decision, her passion for journalism quickly flourished, and her favorite personal...

Beatriz Dimayuga 24
Staff Reporter

Beatriz Dimayuga ’24

Beatriz Dimayuga is a reporter from the class of 2024. Beatriz is also a part of Riordan’s varsity volleyball team and the CORE team. Outside of school, she also enjoys dancing Hula & Tahitian, and going out with her friends...

Cash Bolos 23
Staff Reporter

Cash Bolos ’23

Cash Bolos '23 is a staff reporter for The Crusader newspaper and a member of the wrestling team.He likes to fish in his free time and also works at a fly shop Lost Coast Outfitters; he has traveled all over the state and country ...

Joshua Aguilar 24
Staff Reporter

Joshua Aguilar ’24

Joshua Aguilar '24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He joined because of his interest in news and desire to try something new. He is also a part of the PAC Club and Varsity Tennis team at Riordan. Outside of Riordan, he p...

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