• September 22Frosh Olympics results: Cana, Pilar, Bolts, Russi
  • May 23Zachary "ZZ" Jones '23 to compete in CIF Track & Field Finals
  • May 21The Crusader wins a record 61 awards for the 2022-2023 school year!
  • May 21The Crusader, The Shield win 1st Place w/ Merit in national ASPA contest!

The Crusader

2023-2024 Staff

Photo Editor

Sean Reyes ’25

Sean Reyes ’25 is a Photo Editor for The Crusader. The sports he plays include baseball and swimming. Outside of journalism, he is a member of the SALT, Knights of Riordan, and the Spirit Club. Some activities outside of scho...

Nick Nye ‘25
Photo Editor

Nick Nye ‘25

Nick "Photo Guy" Nye ’25 is a Photo Editor at The Crusader. He is an avid scouting (aka Boy Scouts) leader, cat lover, and football fan. Nick grew up as a 49ers and Warriors fan, and watches every single game of those teams. ...

Sarah Cai ’24
Health Editor

Sarah Cai ’24

Sarah Cai ’24 is the Health Editor for The Crusader. She joined because of her interest in journalism and wanting to improve her writing skills. She is a member of the ASA club. During her free time, she likes to bake and pl...

Aliana Urdaneta-Rodas 25
Features Editor

Aliana Urdaneta-Rodas ’25

Aliana Urdaneta-Rodas ’25 is the Features Editor for The Crusader Newspaper. Aliana is also on the executive board for the Latinos Unidos club, a member of Parliament, and campus ministry's S.A.L.T group. Her favorite story of h...

Helena (Kai) Murguz 25
Staff Reporter and Artist

Helena (Kai) Murguz ’25

Helena (Kai) Murguz '25 is a staff reporter and artist for The Crusader and art director for The Shield. Her favorite drawing that she’s done for The Crusader is the editorial cartoon in Take a Break from Stress of Social Media ...

Staff Reporter

Lincoln Maloney ’25

Lincoln Maloney ’25 is a journalist for the Riordan newspaper. He is a part of the Riordan varsity Lacrosse program and soccer program. He is also a big supporter of the Chess Club and hopes to become president next school ...

Staff Reporter

Jordan Mckenzie ’24

Jordan Mckenzie ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is a part of the Varsity Basketball Team. Jordan loves playing video games, being with family and friends, Music, and Netflix. ...

Staff Reporter

Myles Yan ’25

Myles Yan ’25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is a prominent member of both the lacrosse and soccer teams and has been a part of and has founded a variety of clubs. Myles is also very fond of architecture and interi...

Staff Reporter

Ashley Villing ’25

Ashley Villing ’25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She is a part of Campus Ministry and does her best to be involved in school activities. She loves animals and listening to music.  ...

Staff Reporter

Emma Rocha ’25

Emma Rocha ’25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She is part of Campus Ministries Core Team, Parliament, and Latinos Unidos. She joined journalism to learn how to better expand her writing skills and to try something new. Ou...

Staff Reporter

Thomas McGivern ’25

Thomas McGivern ’25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is currently a part of the Riordan Lacrosse team, the Rocketry Club, and the Saint Francis Scholar Society. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, hanging out with friend...

Staff Reporter

Karlo Manglona ’25

Karlo Manglona ’25 is a Staff Reporter for The Crusader. He hopes that being a part of The Crusader will help him further both his skills and passion for writing. Karlo has played football, basketball, baseball, and volleyb...

Staff Reporter

Diane Lai ’24

Diane Lai ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She participates in many extracurriculars at school, including being the third year color guard captain for the Riordan Band, the social media manager for the band, the Cru...

Staff Reporter

Polina Kozlenko ’24

Polina Kozlenko ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. She is also a member of the Environmental Club. Polina is an exchange student from Ukraine who loves making international connections and uniting the world. She enjoys ...

Staff Reporter

Malcolm Jones-Smith ’25

Malcolm Jones-Smith ’25 is a first year staff member at Archbishop Riordan High School’s The Crusader Newspaper. Joining the paper due to his interest in journalism, Smith has hopes to expand his writing skills, and a chance a...

Staff Reporter

Maxim Ivanov ’25

Maxim Ivanov ’25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is a part of the Cross Country program, BBQ club, and the Riordan Rocketry team. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, reading, and playing with his dog....

Staff Reporter

Ana Hernandez ’25

Ana Hernandez ’25 is a first-year staff reporter for The Crusader Newspaper. She is also a member of NSHSS. During her free time, she does volunteer work at the San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living. She loves art, music, an...

Staff Reporter

Gregory Gonzales ’25

Gregory Gonzales ’25 is staff reporter for The Crusader. He plays baseball for Riordan’s team. In his free time, he likes to play sports and play the guitar.

Staff Reporter

Isaac Garcia-Zuro ’24

Isaac Garcia-Zuro ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is part of the Achieve Program here at Riordan. He also has an interest in writing, which led to joining Journalism. He is looking forward to reporting for the schoo...

Staff Reporter

Hailey Kirsten Ferrer ’26

Hailey Kirsten Ferrer ’26 is a first-year staff reporter for The Crusader. At Riordan, she is a part of Philippine American Coalition, Knights, and Liturgy Team. Outside of school, she enjoys figure skating, spending time w...

Staff Reporter

Sasha Feliciana-Chan ’26

Sasha Feliciana-Chan ’26 is a first year staff reporter for The Crusader. She enjoys playing with her dog, playing video games, listening to music, playing soccer, reading books and writing. Sasha is currently a part of the art ...

Staff Reporter

Vincent Douglas ‘25

Vincent Douglas ‘25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is also a head DJ of Riordan’s own DJ Club and manages its Instagram account. He loves all things classic rock, surrealist cinema, and dog-related. He joined the news...

Staff Reporter

Chris Dilag ’25

Chris Dilag ’25 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He decided to join The Crusader as a junior after reading an issue of the paper as a sophomore. He wanted to be involved in a community in Archbishop Riordan that brings...

Staff Reporter

Michelle Chavero ’24

Michelle Chavero ’24 is a staff reporter for the Crusader. She is a student leader for her R-time and dedicates her time to find new and interactive ways to involve her classmates in activities. She joined journalism to find n...

Staff Reporter

Eva Bennett ’25

Eva Bennett ’25 is a staff reporter for the Crusader Newspaper. She is excited to improve her writing skills and learn more about journalism. Eva is part of NHS, the Riordan girl's soccer team, the engineering program, and th...

Staff Reporter

Rose Baik ’26

Rose Baik ’26 enjoys writing, spending time with her friends and family, sunny weather, and traveling. She is class of 2026 and is part of the school newspaper club, as well as Rriordan Kknights, stage crew, and Sspirit Cclub....

Anthony Chan 24
Staff Reporter

Anthony Chan ’24

Anthony Chan ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader, starting as a club member nearly three years ago. Amongst his various works published, his favorite is “Crypto Giant FTX Collapses.” Dedicated to a resurgent fervor of po...

Bo Wyatt 24
Staff Reporter

Bo Wyatt ’24

Bo Wyatt ’24 is a fourth year staff reporter for The Crusader, having joined freshman year by recommendation of her English teacher. Following this decision, her passion for journalism quickly flourished, and her favorite personal...

Julian Serrano ‘24
Staff Reporter

Julian Serrano ‘24

Julian Serrano ’24 is a Student Reporter. He likes reading, as a nerd of his kindred would – particularly books by Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and other cool authors. Of course he finds time to write, write, and w...

Gigi Richardson ‘24
Staff Reporter

Gigi Richardson ‘24

Gigi Richardson ’24 is a second-year staff reporter for The Crusader. She is also involved in BSU. She is a member of the Riordan track team. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, online shopping, and reading mystery and ro...

Rhys Appleby 24
Staff Reporter

Rhys Appleby ’24

Rhys Appleby ’24 is a second year staff reporter and copy editor for The Crusader. He has been playing baseball since his freshman year. He is also a member of the ASA and founded the Fishing Club this year. He also enjoys r...

Joshua Aguilar 24
Staff Reporter

Joshua Aguilar ’24

Joshua Aguilar ’24 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. At Riordan, he is a part of the LIFE Team in Campus Ministry and the PAC Club. Outside of Riordan, he plays instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, and piano and enjoy...

Matteo Matteucci 24
Staff Reporter

Matteo Matteucci ’24

Matteo Matteucci '24 is a 3-year staff reporter for The Crusader. He chose this class at the end of freshman year with the thought that being a journalist would help him further his writing and possibly pursue it in college. H...

Finnbarr Harrington 24
Staff Reporter

Finnbarr Harrington ’24

Finnbarr Harrington is a fourth year reporter for The Crusader newspaper. A native San Franciscan, he has had three years of prior experience with Riordan journalism writing articles for The Squire, which is the summer newspap...

Angelo Coletti 24
Staff Reporter

Angelo Coletti ’24

Angelo Coletti '24 is a staff reporter and athlete who participates in football at Riordan and basketball outside of school. Angelo likes golfing and spending time with my family and friends. He is a big food lover and loves l...

Charles Chu 24
Staff Reporter

Charles Chu ’24

Charles Chu, member of the Class of 2024, is a reporter/photographer for The Crusader newspaper. He also plays Varsity Football here at Riordan. He joined Riordan's journalism program immediately following his transfer from L...

Local and State News Editor

Jake Beeman ’24

Jake Beeman ’24 is the Local and State News Editor for The Crusader. He’s involved in a variety of groups around the school, but most notably, he attended a Model United Nations conference, and assisted the engineering depa...

Katelyn Leong 25
Arts and Entertaniment Editor

Katelyn Leong ’25

Katelyn Leong '25 is the current Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Crusader. She joined the newspaper team her freshman year to learn more about journalism and develop her overall writing skills. Beside newspaper club, she is a...

Julia Yamsuan 25
Staff Reporter & Photographer

Julia Yamsuan ’25

Julia Yamsuan ’25 is a Photo Editor for The Crusader. She is a part of the girls volleyball program and is on the varsity team. She participates in Newspaper, Knights of Riordan, PAC (Philippines American Club), and the Wellnes...

Talisha Flores ‘24
Layout Director and Graphic Artist

Talisha Flores ‘24

Talisha Flores ’24 is the Layout Director and a graphic artist for The Crusader and The Shield. Apart from being a part of the news team, Talisha is also involved in the Knights of Riordan and Art Club. She is deeply intere...

Naomi Lin 24
Editor In Chief

Naomi Lin ’24

Naomi Lin ’24 is a reporter the first female Editor-in-Chief for The Crusader. She joined the newspaper club and Journalism course to not only immerse herself in a different style of writing, but to keep others informed abo...

Talia Bumanglag 24
Managing Editor

Talia Bumanglag ’24

Talia Bumanglag '24  is a reporter and the Managing editor for The Crusader. She joined her sophomore year to immerse herself in the world of  journalism and become a better writer. She is also a part of the Knights program, ...

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