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2020-2021 Staff

Grayson Salomon '22

Grayson Salomon ’22

Grayson joined The Crusader staff because he thought it would be beneficial to learn about journalism. This year, he is Co Editor In-Chief along with Jordan Tyler Maralit ‘21. His favorite story is the coverage of Mercy Sa...

Jordan Tyler Maralit '21

Jordan Tyler Maralit ’21

Jordan Tyler Maralit is the Co-Editor-in-Chief. He was born in 2003 in the city of San Francisco, and is a member of the Class of 2021. in addition to being a staff reporter for The Crusader, he is also a member of the following...

William Lenoyr Ortiz '22
News Editor

William Lenoyr Ortiz ’22

William Lenoyr Ortiz '22 is one of the News Editors for The Crusader. He joined the newspaper in order to practice his writing and reporting skills. He is involved in the CORE Service Team, the Crusader Mentor program, an activ...

Christian Ramirez Cortes '22
News Editor

Christian Ramirez Cortes ’22

Christian joined the newspaper his sophomore year because he enjoys writing and letting others know about important events/situations. He conducts his stories by interviewing at least three people, and making sure that he knows...

John McQuaid '22
Opinion Editor

John McQuaid ’22

John McQuaid is a member of the class of 2022 and the Opinion Editor for The Crusader. He chose to work for The Crusader because he figured it would be an interesting experience and enjoys wirting. He is also a member of the D...

Brandon Tam '23
Photo Editor

Brandon Tam ’23

Brandon Tam '23 is a PhotoEditors for The Crusader. Some of his hobbies include bike riding, exploring San Francisco, and of course, photography.  One of his favorite stories is when the Bay Area sky turned an ominous orange as a result of the 2020 California wildfires....

Noah David ’22
Photo Editor

Noah David ’22

Noah David '22 is a proud member of Riordan’s class of 2022, and is a news reporter and Photo Editor for The Crusader. At Riordan, Noah played Football, runs Track & Field, and is apart of clubs, such as the Knights of ...

Sean DiNicola '22
A&E Editor

Sean DiNicola ’22

Sean DiNicola '22 is a reporter and Editor of the A&E section for the Archbishop Riordan Newspaper, located in San Francisco, California. He decided to become a reporter because it is important to write about current events...

Andrei Lynch '22
Technology Editor

Andrei Lynch ’22

Andrei Lynch ‘22 and a Technology editor of the Newspaper. He Enjoys Track, XC, Readi Club, and the Wellness Club and Journalism. His favorite stories include the one on Adobe Flash, the review of the fall play last year, and the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth...

Cameron Bevan-Abel '22
Boys Sports Editor

Cameron Bevan-Abel ’22

Cameron Bevan-Abel is the Boys Sports Editor for The Crusader newspaper, as well as an analyst for Varsity Football and Basketball. His favorite stories include  the Golden State Warriors new season and the Raiders moving to Las Vegas....

Marisa Hamilton '22
Religion Editor

Marisa Hamilton ’22

Marisa Hamilton '22 is very happy to join Riordan's class of 2022, and The Crusader staff, as the first female Religion Editor. Her favorite story  so far  is introducing the school's dance program, because it was exciting ...

Delaney Mulqueen '22
Environment Editor

Delaney Mulqueen ’22

Delaney Mulqueen '22 is the Environment Editor on The Crusader newspaper, who joined because of  her interest in writing. In addition, she plays volleyball and is involved in Student Parliament. Her favorite story is "Global...

Annie Le '21
Staff Reporter

Annie Le ’21

Annie Le ’21 is a first-year staff reporter for The Crusader. She was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and moved to San Francisco by herself when she was 14. Annie is also the female student body Vice President...

Felix Alfaro '21
Staff Reporter

Felix Alfaro ’21

Felix E. Alfaro ’21 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He has been an active part of the Riordan community since freshman year, including Student Parliament and Wrestling, along with a season of football sophomore year and ...

Cooper Nelson '21
Staff Reporter

Cooper Nelson ’21

Cooper Nelson ’21 is a student athlete who loves to hangout with friends and classmates. He is a writer for The Crusader newspaper and this is his first year being a part of the staff. He is also involved with the football and...

Isaac Arguello ‘21
Staff Reporter

Isaac Arguello ‘21

Isaac Arguello ‘21 is a reporter for The Crusader. On top of being a member of The Crusader staff, he is an active member of LIFE Team, Latinos Unidos, The Achieve Program and is the Dance Chair for Student Parliament. Isaac lo...

Staff Reporter

T Sall ’21

T Sall '21 is a staff reporter. This is T’s first year in journalism and they enjoyed writing for The Crusader so far. They like to run outside of school, hike in parks and sing the Young Women’s Choral Project of San Francisco. One of ...

Anthony Wierzba '23
Staff Reporter

Anthony Wierzba ’23

Anthony Wierzba '23 is a staff reporter for The Crusader newspaper, and has been a part of the staff since freshman year. He had played basketball for Riordan and is a member of the Knights Club. His favorite story is "Could...

Zion Wells '23
Staff Reporter

Zion Wells ’23

Zion Wells '23 is a  writer for The Crusader. He also participates in basketball, football, and track. Other activities include AAU basketball and community service. He is a family person who always puts family first....

Ethan Vargas ‘23
Staff Reporter

Ethan Vargas ‘23

Ethan Vargas ‘23 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He was introduced to Journalism by his brother, Brandon, who graduated from the class of 2020 and was previously the Copy Editor in The Crusader. Ethan is a Saint Francis Scholar, and lo...

Chase Parker '21
Staff Reporter

Chase Parker ’21

Chase Parker '21 is a staff reporter for The Crusader newspaper. He has played football at Archbishop Riordan every year at the school and likes to workout. His favorite story this year was the Patrick Mahomes and George Kittle contract extensions because he's a huge fan of the NFL a...

Antonio Nuñez '22
Staff Reporter

Antonio Nuñez ’22

Antonio Nuñez '22 is a staff reporter for The Crusader.  Other than the newspaper, he is a member of the Riordan Band. His favorite story is about Mayor Breed’s new executive order on evictions during the pandemic....

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23
Staff Reporter

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23 is a journalist and storywriter for Archbishop Riordan High School’s newspaper, The Crusader. He enjoys baseball, food, and playing video games. Throughout his years on the staff, his favor...

Tony Kent ‘21
Staff Reporter

Tony Kent ‘21

Tony Kent ‘21 is a senior at Riordan, and this is his first year as a member of The Crusader staff. He is also involved in The Knights of Riordan, a club that helps the admissions staff with tours of the school and Open Ho...

Mahkai Hunt '23
Staff Reporter

Mahkai Hunt ’23

Mahkai Hunt '23 is a news reporter for The Crusader. Having this position has taught him many things, like the need to complete tasks in a timely manner, and has also helped with his net working skills. He is also a member...

Matthew Hernandez '21
Staff Reporter

Matthew Hernandez ’21

Matthew Hernandez, Class of 2021, is a reporter for the newspaper. Other than journalism, he is also an officer the the PAC Club and enrolled in the DJ Club. He used to play varsity lacrosse and likes to play video games in...

Kevin Guinasso '22
Staff Reporter

Kevin Guinasso ’22

Kevin Guinasso is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He joined the staff to learn to report news and improve his writing skills. Kevin is also an active member of Knights of Riordan and he’s a Riordan soccer player. He enjoys ...

Joseph Grysiewicz '22
Staff Reporter

Joseph Grysiewicz ’22

Joseph Grysiewicz '22 is a staff reporter for The Crusader newspaper. Before Riordan, he was a student at School of the Epiphany, also  in San Francisco. He is involved in Student Parliament, stage crews the Fil-Am Club, and...

Luke Grogan '23
Staff Reporter

Luke Grogan ’23

Luke Grogan is a staff reporter for The Crusader. Although he did not have much experience before joining the staff, he wanted to improve his writing. He is a member of Riordan’s Varsity Cross Country/Track team. He enjoys...

Sebastian Elsner '23
Staff Reporter

Sebastian Elsner ’23

Sebastian Elsner is a reporter who likes going out of his comfort zone to write stories. Sebastian loves playing baseball; he is a lefty pitcher, first basemen, and a right fielder. Sebastian's favorite story is the Golden Ga...

Michael Ortega-Portillo '21
Staff Reporter

Michael Ortega-Portillo ’21

Michael Ortega-Portillo ‘21 is a photo editor for The Crusader. He joined the staff sophomore year because he always wanted to be a journalist. In addition to the newspaper, he is also on the liturgy team and likes soccer....

Staff Reporter

Christopher Murray ’22

Christopher Murray joined The Crusader newspaper staff because his freshman English teacher recommended him to the class. He is also a photographer and an athlete. His favorite stories include is the school's address change, which led to difficulties with deliveries and the refurbishing of the new classrooms. ...

Juan Carlos Campos '22
Staff Reporter

Juan Carlos Campos ’22

JC Joined the newspaper staff after being recommended by his English teacher. In addition to being a staff reporter for The Crusader, JC is also a member of the football team. His favorite story is about the NBA bubble, and how the league managed to complete the season despite COVID....

Jesus Aguilar ’22

Jesus Aguilar ’22

Jesus Aguilar ’22 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He became involved in journalism due to his interest in writing and providing information to others. Along with journalism, he is also a part of the cross country tea...

Joseph Zuloaga '23
Copy Editor

Joseph Zuloaga ’23

Joseph Zuloaga is a sophomore and one of the two Copy Editors for The Crusader. He joined the newspaper club because he is interested in pursuing a career in journalism in the future. In addition to being in journalism, Joseph i...

Health Editor

Elijah Calip ’22

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