The Crusader

2019-2020 Staff

Steven Rissotto ’20


Rissotto is the current editor-in-chief of The Crusader after previously serving as the sports editor last school year. Nicknamed "Rizzo," Rissotto's role is to conduct meetings, assign stories, assist with the website, and writ...

Brandon Vargas ’20

Copy Editor

Brandon Vargas '20 is the senior Copy Editor on The Crusader staff. He has been a part of the staff since his freshman year, writing countless articles and interviewing several individuals within and outside of the Riordan ...

Antonio Maffei ’20

Social Media and Website Editor

Antonio Maffei is the Social Media and Website Editor for The Crusader Newspaper. In his free time, he is also a published author and meteorologist. Every morning, Antonio reports the weather  into the local TV news stations, being f...

Jamar Kittling ’20

News Editor

Jamar Kittling is a senior, and his role on The Crusader staff is News Editor, as well as reporter. Aside from being a member of newspaper, he is also a member of Archbishop Riordan’s Marching Band, History Bowl, National...

Michael Gray ’20

Opinion Editor

Ian Martin ’20

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ian Martin is a senior and also holds the position of Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Crusader. He is an active member of Archbishop Riordan’s Marching Band, Quiz Bowl, Crusaders For Life, Riordan Golf, and the California...

Aidan Murtagh ’20

Sports Features Editor

Cameron Bevan-Abel ’22

Sports News Editor

Cameron Bevan-Abel is the Sports News Editor for The Crusader newspaper, as well as an analyst for Varsity Football and Basketball. His favorite story is the story about the Golden State Warriors new season....

Miles Poon ’20

Art Director

Cole Anderson ’22

Exchange Editor

JJ Trujeque ’21

Photo Editor

Michael Ortega-Portillo ’21

Photo Editor

Michael Ortega-Portillo ‘21 is a photo editor for The Crusader. He joined the staff sophomore year because he always wanted to be a journalist. In addition to the newspaper, he is also on the liturgy team and likes soccer....

Jordan Noeuku ’21

Staff Reporter

Joseph Zuloaga ’23

Staff Reporter

Joseph Zuloaga is a freshman staff reporter for The Crusader. He joined the newspaper because he is interested in pursuing a career in journalism in the future. In addition to being in journalism, Joseph is a member of Student...

Nicholas Yee ’20

Staff Reporter

Nicholas Yee is a senior and has been a part of The Crusader for three years.  In addition to being a reporter, he plays the flute / piccolo for the Archbishop Riordan Marching Band and is member of the Asian Student Association...

Ethan Vargas ’23

Staff Reporter

Grayson Salomon ’22

Staff Reporter

Grayson is a sophomore who joined the newspaper staff because he thought it would be beneficial to learn about journalism. He is staff reporter and photographer. His favorite story is the coverage of Mercy San Francisco closing.

Levis Rodriguez ’20

Staff Reporter

Levis is a staff reporter for The Crusader. Throughout the four years of his high school career, he has played basketball, wrestling, and baseball. He is also the President of Latinos Unidos, a Knight of Riordan, and is invol...

Christian Ramirez Cortes ’22

Staff Reporter

Christian joined the newspaper his sophomore year because he enjoys writing and letting others know about important events/situations. He conducts his stories by interviewing at least three people, and making sure that he knows...

John Pena-Muir ’23

Staff Reporter

Jordan Noeuku ’21

Staff Reporter

Christopher Murray ’22

Staff Reporter

Christopher Murray joined The Crusader newspaper staff because his freshman English teacher recommended him to the class. He is also a photographer and an athlete. His favorite story is the school's address change, which led to difficulties with deliveries....

Lizandro Munoz ’22

Staff Reporter

Lizandro Munoz is a staff reporter for The Crusader. Lizandro Loves journalism because it’s good to spread what is going on in the world and see how people react to the news. He believes journalism is a also  a good way to e...

John McQuaid ’22

Staff Reporter

John McQuaid is a sophomore working as a journalist for The Crusader. He moved to San Francisco in 2009 and has gone to Catholic schools all his life. He chose to work for The Crusader because he figured it would be interesting...

Jordan Tyler Maralit ’21

Staff Reporter

Jordan Tyler Maralit is a junior at Archbishop Riordan High School. He was born in 2003 in the city of San Francisco, and is a member of the Class of 2021. in addition to being a staff reporter for The Crusader, he is also a...

Andrei Lynch ’22

Staff Reporter

Andrei Lynch is a sophomore at Riordan, and a staff reporter for The Crusader newspaper. He enjoys track and field, Drama Club, which includes acting and stage crew, and writing and reporting for the newspaper. His favorite...

Massimo Hoffmann ’20

Staff Reporter

Massimo Hoffmann is a senior  who joined just recently this year after coming to Riordan in his junior year. Massimo is a reporter and has written a story in each issue in the 2019-2020 school year. He likes to spend time with...

Jonathan Godoy ’21

Staff Reporter

Logan Estrada ’22

Staff Reporter

Sean DiNicola ’22

Staff Reporter

Sean DiNicola is a sophomore and a reporter for the Archbishop Riordan Newspaper, located in San Francisco, California. He decided to become a reporter because it is important to write about current events and it is interesting to...

Noah David ’22

Staff Reporter

Noah is a member of of the Class of 2022 and a proud member of the House of Russi. Aside from writing for The Crusader, Noah is a part of Student Parliament, PAC Club, a Knight of Riordan, and a track sprinter and jumper. Outside...

Michael Curran ’20

Staff Reporter

Michael Curran was born May 6, 2002 in SF. For Middle school, he went to a small school called Laurel. In addition to writing for The Crusader, he plays rugby and power-lifts. His ethnicity is Irish. In December, he wrote about...

Zack Conci ’21

Staff Reporter

Lucas Chow ’23

Staff Reporter

Juan Carlos Campos ’22

Staff Reporter

In addition to being a staff reporter for The Crusader, JC is also a member of the football team.

Elijah Calip ’22

Staff Reporter

C.J. Cabanero ’21

Staff Reporter

Dominic Borrego ’20

Staff Reporter

Alexander Ruivivar

Features Editor

Matt Balmy ’21

Health & Science Editor

Matt Balmy is the Health and Science editor for The Crusader. Balmy also plays baseball and is an active member of Latinos Unidos. He loves watching Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube. Balmy enjoys playing videos games and hanging...

David Dorantes ’21

Tech & Environment Editor

Michael Conefrey ’21

Religion Editor

Michael Conefrey ‘21 is The Crusader's Religion Editor. He is a member of the Crusader wrestling team, JV WCAL champs.  His favorite story is the development of the nearby Balboa Reservoir housing development....

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