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  • September 24House Standings: Cana 171, Pilar 170, Bolts 161, Russi 160
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The Crusader

2021-2022 Staff

Grayson Salomon 22

Grayson Salomon ’22

Grayson Salomon ’22 first joined The Crusader staff as a sophomore because he thought it would be beneficial to learn about journalism. This year, he is taking the position of Editor In-Chief after being Co Editor In-Chief...

John McQuaid 22
Managing Editor

John McQuaid ’22

John McQuaid is a member of the class of 2022 and the Managing Editor for The Crusader. He chose to work for The Crusader because he figured it would be an interesting experience and enjoys writing. He is also a member of the D...

William Lenoyr Ortiz 22
News Editor

William Lenoyr Ortiz ’22

William Lenoyr Ortiz '22 is one of the News Editors for The Crusader. He joined the newspaper in order to practice his writing and reporting skills. He is involved in the CORE Service Team, the Crusader Mentor program, an activ...

Joseph Zuloaga 23
News Editor

Joseph Zuloaga ’23

Joseph Zuloaga is a junior and one of the three News Editors for The Crusader. He joined the newspaper club because he is interested in pursuing a career in journalism in the future. In addition to being in journalism, Joseph ...

Christian Ramirez Cortes 22
News Editor

Christian Ramirez Cortes ’22

Christian joined the newspaper his sophomore year because he enjoys writing and letting others know about important events/situations. He is currently one of the News Editors for The Crusader. He conducts his stories by inter...

Noah David ’22
Photo Editor

Noah David ’22

Noah David '22 is a proud member of Riordan’s class of 2022, and is a news reporter and Photo Editor for The Crusader. At Riordan, Noah played Football, runs Track & Field, and is a member of the Knights of Riordan, ...

Andrei Lynch 22
Technology Editor

Andrei Lynch ’22

Andrei Lynch ‘22 and a Technology editor of the Newspaper. He Enjoys Track, XC, Readi Club, and the Wellness Club and Journalism. His favorite stories include the one on Adobe Flash, the review of the fall play last year, and the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth...

Delaney Mulqueen 22
Environment Editor

Delaney Mulqueen ’22

Delaney Mulqueen '22 is the Environment Editor on The Crusader newspaper for the second year in a row since transferring from Mercy San Francisco. This position allows her to express her passion for protecting the environmen...

Health Editor

Elijah Calip ’22

Angelina Ning 23
Features Editor

Angelina Ning ’23

Angelina Ning '23 is the Features Editor for The Crusader newspaper and also the captain of the girl’s tennis team. She enjoys listening to music and is also the vice president of the DJ Club, and is a member of student pa...

Sophia Carrasquilla 22
Girls Sports Editor

Sophia Carrasquilla ’22

Sophia is the Girls Sports Editor as well as a Varsity volleyball athlete, Knight Ambassador, Student Parliament Head of House, and Strategic Planning Committee Member. Her favorite story is “Female athletes build foundation by earning training bricks” because she "truly enjoyed highlighting many of the ...

Arianna Jaboneta 23
Copy Editor

Arianna Jaboneta ’23

Arianna Jaboneta '23 is the Copy Editor for The Crusader. She is an active member of the drama club, CORE team and participates in the fall play and spring musical.

Rizlin Jew 22
Graphic Artist

Rizlin Jew ’22

Rizlin Jew ‘22 is delighted to join The Crusader as the first female graphic artist. Having the opportunity, she felt it would be an enjoyable experience to contribute to the journalism team in any way she could.  She lik...

Arianna Turner 23
Exchange Editor

Arianna Turner ’23

Arianna Turner '23 proudly represents the Class of 2023, and is the Exchange Editor for The Crusader. She is also a member of the Choir and plans to take future leadership positions in clubs this upcoming year. She enjoys singing,...

Evan Wallis 22
Staff Reporter

Evan Wallis ’22

Evan Wallis, Class of 2022, is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is an avid basketball player and loves to be outdoors. Evan’s favorite story is Alumnus embarks on crusade to honor fallen 9/11 firefighters in nationwide bike ride....

Noah Tango 22
Staff Reporter

Noah Tango ’22

Noah Tango '22 joined the Riordan community last year as a junior and also joined the newspaper the first year he arrived because one of his friends recommended it, and it sparked his interest to become a better writer. Some of ...

Brandon Saavedra 24
Staff Reporter

Brandon Saavedra ’24

Brandon Saavedra is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He has been an active part of the Riordan Community since sophomore year, including Soccer. He loves to have discussions and debate with others, and has an inclination fo...

Will Parker 24
Staff Reporter

Will Parker ’24

Will Parker '24 is currently a writer on The Crusader, as well as a member of the cross country team, and active in student parliament. He looks forward to covering current events through the school paper.

Anderson Ortiz 22
Staff Reporter

Anderson Ortiz ’22

Anderson Ortiz '22 is a new member of The Crusader, joining as a staff reporter. He joined journalism to further his speaking skills and improve his ability to ask thought provoking questions. He is involved in Riordan’s wrestlin...

Jonathan Kruger 24
Staff Reporter

Jonathan Kruger ’24

Jonathan Kruger '24 is a staff reporter and a photographer. He is on the Archbishop Riordan High School Lacrosse team, and enjoys playing the guitar and skating. One of his most successful stories is about people raising chickens...

Finnbarr Harrington 24
Staff Reporter

Finnbarr Harrington ’24

Finnbarr Harrington is a second year reporter for The Crusader newspaper. A native San Franciscan, he has had three years of prior experience with Riordan journalism writing articles for The Squire, which is the summer newspaper ...

Angelo Coletti 24
Staff Reporter

Angelo Coletti ’24

Angelo Coletti '24 is a writer for The Crusader. He also participates in basketball, football and soccer. His extra curricular activities are AAU basketball, CY or club soccer.

Charles Chu 24
Staff Reporter

Charles Chu ’24

Charles Chu, member of the Class of 2024, works as a reporter/photographer for The Crusader newspaper. He also plays Varsity Football here at Riordan. His favorite article is the Asian Hate Crime article that was published on May 3, 2021....

Ryder Bouck
Staff Reporter

Ryder Bouck

Ryder Bouck is a staff reporter and photographer for the Archbishop Riordan newspaper team. Ryder is graduating in the year of 2022 and taking journalism as an opportunity to explore career options. Ryder is also a member of...

Joziah Rizzo 23
Staff Reporter

Joziah Rizzo ’23

Joziah Rizzo '23 is a staff reporter for The Crusader newspaper. Outside of Riordan, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, sports, sneakers, listening to music, video games, and volunteering in his community. His favo...

Shridavi (Shri) Raghavan ’25
Staff Reporter

Shridavi (Shri) Raghavan ’25

Shridavi (Shri) Raghavan ’25 is a first year staff reporter for The Crusader. She is in the Knights of Riordan club, plays basketball and the piano, and is in the Student Parliament Apprenticeship Program. She enjoys playing wit...

Mahkai Hunt ’23
Staff Reporter

Mahkai Hunt ’23

Mahkai Hunt is a member of Student Parliament and the Black Student Union. His favorite story is "Female footballer finds fame," which is about Riordan's first girl to play on the football team. The story won a Best of SNO in J...

Ethan Vargas ‘23
Staff Reporter

Ethan Vargas ‘23

Ethan Vargas ‘23 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He was introduced to Journalism by his brother, Brandon, who graduated from the class of 2020 and was previously the Copy Editor in The Crusader. Ethan is a Saint Francis Schola...

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23
Staff Reporter

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23 is a journalist and storywriter for Archbishop Riordan High School’s newspaper, The Crusader. He enjoys baseball, food, and playing video games. Throughout his years on the staff, his favor...

Marisa Hamilton 22
Staff Reporter

Marisa Hamilton ’22

Marisa Hamilton '22  joined The Crusader newspaper to become an active member of the Riordan community during the co-ed transition. She also participates in student Parliament, the Crusader choir and the school's musical thea...

Kevin Guinasso 22
Staff Reporter

Kevin Guinasso ’22

Kevin Guinasso is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He joined the staff to learn to report news and improve his writing skills. Kevin is also an active member of Knights of Riordan and he’s a Riordan soccer player. He enjoys ...

Joseph Grysiewicz 22
Staff Reporter

Joseph Grysiewicz ’22

Joseph Grysiewicz '22 is a staff reporter for The Crusader. He is also involved Stage Crew, Sports Management, Campus Ministry, Lancers, Pac-club, Yknotmentality club, and runs Track. His favorite story he’s written so far w...

Staff Reporter

Christopher Murray ’22

Christopher Murray joined The Crusader newspaper staff because his freshman English teacher recommended him to the class. He is also a photographer and an athlete. Chris enjoys football and is a big gym rat when it comes to the w...

Staff Reporter

Logan Estrada ’22

Juan Carlos Campos 22
Staff Reporter

Juan Carlos Campos ’22

JC joined the newspaper staff after being recommended by his English teacher. In addition to being a staff reporter for The Crusader. JC has been apart of journalism and advanced journalism for the past 3 years. JC is also ...

Edward Ramos ’23

Edward Ramos '23 is a first year student reporter as well as the new Religion Editor for The Crusader. He is a member of Riordan’s Core Team and is a rugby player for “San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby." This year he looks forwa...

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