New Bolts, Cana Provincials announced


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Chris Fern, Colleen O’Rourke, Michael Vezzali-Pascual, and Leo Magnaye.

Nick Nye ‘25, Staff Reporter

A surprise announcement was made during R-Time on May 2. A boxing match between Cana and Bolts Provincials–Leo Magnaye ’05 versus Christopher Fern–would put an end to the six-year rivalry between the two with a boxing match deciding “whoever loses must resign as provincial.” 

Before the match on the morning of May 3, Fern clarified “I’m not going to lose… Cana can’t lose. It was fun beating you all these years Leo [Magnaye], looking forward to doing it one last time.” 

Cana Provincial Chris Fern and Bolts Provincial Leo Magnaye prepare for battle. (Joseph Zuloaga ’23 )

Johnny Berdichevsky ’25 believed the opposite would happen, expressing, “The fight needed to happen. I think Mr. M is going to bodyslam Mr. Fern.”

The boxing match commenced with real gloves, then using inflatable gloves, for about 15 seconds until the lights cut out and a series of loud hits were heard before the lights returned. 

The return of the lights revealed both Fern and Magnaye down on the floor, with the Pilar and Russi Provincials, Melissa Nagar and Van Whipple, in the center of the stage holding crutches. The referee, Benny Willers ’08, declared that both Fern and Magnaye had lost and therefore both would be stepping down from their roles. 

The contestants and provincials gathered in the center of the stage and announced the new provincials for Cana and Bolts house. Riordan English instructor, Michael Vezzali-Pascual ’88, now is the Provincial of Bolts House. Whereas the House of Cana will have STEM coordinator Colleen O’Rourke as their incoming provincial. 

Vezzali conveyed his excitement, saying, “I think the previous provincials and those involved in the house system have done a great job building up all of this in six years… It all comes down to the students, the work that they put into these events and the spirit they show is what makes this all so special.”