New student body presidents elected for 2023-2024 school year


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Hana Wadlow ’25 and Santino Martinez ’24 are co-student body presidents.

Edward Ramos '23, Campus News Editor

Santino Martinez and Hana Wadlow have been elected as the new co-presidents of Riordan. 

Martinez was running against Will Parker ’24, while Wadlow ’25 was running against three others, but a tie forced a runoff against Fiona Mulderigg ’25. 

Martinez was inspired to run for school president because he wanted to give back to the school that had provided so much for him, and Wadlow wanted to see change at Riordan and create events that everyone can enjoy.

In Martinez’s election speech, he promised to have three dances, implement his SUSO plan, and to bring back Riordan Rugby. Martinez explained that his plan encourages the students to “Show Up and Show Out” to the planned events. 

He affirmed his plan by mapping out his ambitions, saying, “Being able to make this happen would be through planning prior to the start of the school year so that we have set out dates to put on the calendar… this also means having themes and music already planned and ready to go.” 

Click on the image to watch a video of Riordan’s co-presidents for 2023-2024. #CrusaderClips

Along with this, he acknowledged that communication with the school administration will be key to making his ideas a reality.

Wadlow’s campaign promise was to make sure that every Crusader enjoys coming to school each day. She plans to do this by creating events that everyone can enjoy and hopes to organize a drive-in movie. 

In regards to challenges she anticipates facing, Wadlow said that although she’s worried about, “The struggle of balancing everything,” she won’t let her “personal life get in the way of making Riordan a better place for all the students.”

The co-presidents share a common goal of making Riordan a place where students want to show up. Wadlow said, “I would tell the future students to not be afraid to step out of their comfort zones.” 

With Martinez’s SUSO plan, he believes that “just as long as we are diligent about pushing out info about events and pushing out the, hopefully to come incentives for said events, students will definitely come to support other Crusaders.”

Santino advises future candidates to follow into his intended steps, to “Practice what you preach” and to  “embody what you’re campaigning.”