Cruises for teens provide new oceanic adventure

Joshua Aguilar ’24, Staff Reporter

As cases of Covid-19 drop, it will take some time getting used to going outside to breathe in the fresh air and being around friends to enjoy their laughter and conversations in person. 

It will be tough getting back on our feet, but a great way to help get used to the new normal is going on a cruise. 

The cruise industry is one of the many options coming back since the pandemic. 

It may scare some to think they are going to be on a ship with the same people for a few days, but the cruise industry has set Covid-19 procedures to ensure the safety of those traveling with them. 

Disney Cruise Lines do not require, but highly encourage guests to be fully vaccinated and to take a covid test one to two days prior to boarding their ships. 

Jadine Aguilar ’25 said, “I think the Covid procedures taken were appropriate during that time. You had the option of keeping your mask on or not but the crew were required to keep it on at all times. There were also multiple hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere.”

Cruises are known to be for those who are older, but they do offer activities for teenagers and even the youngest of guests. The most notable cruises to have programs for teens are Disney Cruise, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Cruises. 

All cruises mentioned have spaces designated for teens. There, they can meet new people or just spend time away from the parents. 

They also have activities like water slides and places to play sports like basketball or table tennis. The Carnival Mardi Gras even has a rollercoaster. 

AP Government teacher Jeff Isola stated, “In international waters all you have to be is 18 to drink and to gamble. I entered a slot tournament on a Carnival ship when I was 18 and I actually won it.”

The ship itself is not the only place teens can enjoy themselves. Cruises sail to many different locations, ranging from tropical to freezing. 

Cruise line destinations include Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, and so much more. 

In Alaska, travelers can enjoy the scenery of frigid glaciers and white-capped mountains and the rich wildlife of majestic eagles in the sky, marvelous whales in the deep, and chocolate brown bears on land. 

Aguilar said, “Alaska is known for their salmon, bald eagles, whales, and bears. Fortunately, we got to see the first three! We also saw dolphins while sailing to Alaska and a beaver swimming near the glaciers.”

In the Caribbean, they can relax on the golden yellow sand and feel the clear, blue ocean rush onto it. The cheetoh orange sun is almost always shining during the day, giving cruisers a chance to sunbathe or do many on-shore activities. 

Isola recalled from his teen years sailing in the Caribbean, “My favorite thing to do when I was a teenager was go out on the verandah at night after everyone was already asleep and I could just sit out there and see the stars in the sky. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. I could see thunderstorms off in the distance, miles away. It was so cool to watch.”

Cruising is a great way to return to the travel experience because of the ability to meet new people and see the great big world.