Iconic It’s-It celebrates its 95th birthday


Jameson Datoc '23

The classic It’s-It is celebrating its 95th anniversary.

Nathan Loeffler Malatesta '23, Food Review Editor

A San Francisco Bay Area dessert original, the It’s-It, dates back to 1928.

George Whitney was looking for a new dessert to serve his customers. He came up with the idea of combining vanilla ice cream with two oatmeal cookies, then dipping it in chocolate. He called it the “It’s-It,” and it quickly became a hit.

The It’s-It was available only at Whitney’s shops for nearly 45 years. During World War II, the brand grew in San Francisco due to the increase of stationed US soldiers on the West Coast. 

After Whitney started selling the It’s-It to servicemen, it became a beloved treat among all San Franciscans. Throughout the 1970s, ownership of the “IT’S-IT” name and concept was sold to various businessmen. First to George Mavros, but after deciding he couldn’t keep up with demand, he sold the brand to Charles Shamieh, who would then open the “It’s-It” factory in Burlingame.

The It’s-It has become a cultural icon in the Bay Area and is enjoyed by people of all ages. 

San Francisco native and Riordan teacher Tom Harlan stated, “Growing up in the Bay Area, It’s-It was more than a dessert; they were a way of life. They were common at many memorable family and school events, so they have a special place in my heart.” 

In a sweet compliment, Max Pierron, a graduating senior, said, “It’s-It has always been special as they have shown up on a lot of special occasions. I have had them at birthdays and graduations, among other events, and the unique treat puts a smile on my face every time I have it.”

Today, the It’s-It is still made in the same factory in Burlingame, California, using the same recipe that has been delighting customers for nearly a century. In addition to the original vanilla and chocolate flavors, there are now several other varieties, including mint, cappuccino, green tea, strawberry, and pumpkin.