Winter Rally Strengthens School Spirit

Vicente Francisco

Vicente Francisco

Friday the 8th of February, Archbishop Riordan High School’s Student Parliament put on a rally event for the student body. It all began with House of Pilar Provincial, Stephanie Lundin, singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Event wise, the rally began with a basketball game with Bolts versus Pilar. This game ended with Bolts winning 16 – 10 against Pilar. This means that Bolts is in third place and Pilar in fourth because this was a consolation match to determine who receives third place.

The second event was a combination of hop scotch in hula hoops and Ro-Sham-Bo. Two separate games were played with Bolts against Russi and Pilar versus Cana. The goal is for one team to hop through all the hoops to get to the other side, where the opposing team is, and the only way to achieve this goal is by winning games of Ro-Sham-Bo. Cana won in their match against Pilar, and Russi won theirs.

The third and final event was a basketball game, that decided who would be in first place. The two contenders were the House of Cana versus the House of Russi. This game ended with Cana winning 8 – 3 against Russi.

This 2019 Winter Rally concluded with the Riordan community singing the alma mater in unison.

The final scores after the rally are as follows: Russi – 648, Cana – 614, Bolts – 587, and Pilar – 547.