Tennis team weathers tough, rainy season


Alex Hsing ’21

Caelan Bevan-Abel ’19 warms up before a tennis match at Balboa.

Aidan Murtagh ’20, News Editor

The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, and the plants are blossoming. This can only mean one thing: the Archbishop Riordan Tennis Team is in the full swing of their season.

The Riordan tennis team experienced a lot of growth through the season. First, the team received a lot more signups, so the added participation helped catalyze further developments within the team. As the team literally grew in size, their training methods transformed as well. For example, the team has added weight room sessions with Coach Ryan Jones to their training plan to enhance the skills necessary to succeed in tournaments.

Although the team has begun to make many improvements, the process is continuing and work still needs to be made. Junior Cris Navarette explained, “The main challenge we face as a team is that we don’t have the same resources as the other sports at school, especially compared to other schools we play against.”

    The most obvious example of this is that Riordan does not have the capacity for tennis courts, so the team has to practice a mile away from school at the Balboa Park Tennis Courts.

Another problem this year for the tennis team was the numerous rainouts throughout the season that prevented the team from competing and practicing. Coach Ed Stephens explains, “The rains caused us to reschedule matches to alternative days. We had to reschedule one match twice. Team practice was diverted to the gym and weight room during the rain. We had to deal with adversity. This is a lesson that we will use to remind us of the different things that can occur in life that require making adjustments.”

Despite the challenges that face the team, members and coaches share positive memories about the team’s season. According Stephens, “The high point in the season for the team so far is we are getting stronger and starting to compete rather than being lower-grade against some of the teams. I see that there is a lot of promise ahead for us in the future from some of the veterans. They seem to be dedicated and focused on improving their games”

Navarette said, “The best moments I’d say are simply when the team is together because we know how to have fun and not let the stress of a competition get to us.”

He goes on to describe, “I certainly am hopeful for next year because there is always progress, whether it be through new members, coaches or self-improvement. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our team.”