Juniors receive commemorative class ring

Brandon Vargas ‘20
Antonio Roca ‘21 poses with his mother, Ivette, and father, Mauricio.

Brandon Vargas '20, Copy Editor

The Junior rings symbolize each junior’s transition into becoming an upperclassman. Archbishop Riordan High School holds an annual tradition in the blessing and administering of the rings. At the end of Riordan’s Feast of St. Francis of Assisi Mass Friday afternoon, Deacon Joseph Leblanc and Father Goran Jovicic led the blessing of the junior rings. 

The Liturgy itself proved to be emotional and eye-opening for parents, family, and friends. Everyone has come to realize the accomplishments each junior has achieved in his time at Riordan. 

Following the Mass and the blessing of the rings, the juniors and their families were directed to the Marianist Room, where they enjoyed refreshments prior to the commencement of the ceremony itself. Parents and students talked amongst each other over food and drink, reveling in the important moment they were all about to experience. 

After a few minutes of mingling, the parents were dismissed to their seats in the Lindland Theatre. Meanwhile, the students were asked to arrange themselves in alphabetical order by last name. Although it was a bit chaotic at first, the juniors were able to demonstrate the teamwork and comradeship they have built during their time at Riordan and successfully ordered themselves. 

The Ceremony itself commenced in the Lindland Theatre, with the parents sitting behind the students. Each Junior’s name was called, and he walked up to the front of the Auditorium to shake the hand of Student Activities Director Joey Klobas. Once each individual’s name had been called, a huge round of applause, accompanied by a flood of smiling faces from fellow students and family members, filled the auditorium. 

After the Ceremony, juniors were instructed to move to the front of the auditorium, where they each received a long sleeve hoodie adorning “Class of 2021.” 

Following the distribution of the hoodies, students and parents took pictures, taking in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Junior John Herzstein ’21 enjoyed “being with [his] friends,” and “knowing how far [he] came” throughout his years at Riordan. This is a significant milestone in the lives of juniors, as they come to realize the important steps they are taking in life. 

For Antonio Roca ’21, the tradition runs in the family. His mother, Ivette, attended Mercy High School in San Francisco, and as a result felt a connection to this “very memorable” moment. She says, “I wanted my son to have that same experience.” 

The faces of many joyous parents and students filled Lindland Theatre Friday afternoon. The tradition lives on at Archbishop Riordan High School, signifying the growth and maturity Juniors have garnered through their time in high school.