First phase of classroom remodeling begins with Math Department


Michael Ortega-Portillo '21

The remodeling of the math classrooms began with new lighting.

Steven Rissotto '20, Editor in Chief

A new decade will bring new improvements to the student life at Archbishop Riordan High School, as remodeling in the math classrooms will begin during winter break. This marks the first major venture following the field project.

The school’s maintenance team plans to do a complete overhaul of the classrooms, as they return to work from the multi-purpose facility field.

The new task will start with four classrooms in the Russi hallway and has the opportunity to carry over to more and more rooms in the near future. Director of Maintenance Brandon Ramsey and new assistant Jeff Ramirez have been hard at work getting everything situated.

Ramsey said, “The remodel itself is to do carpets, paint, blinds, whiteboards, furniture, and storage.”

Each classroom will take approximately $30,000 to improve. Around 100 classrooms would equal the amount of money raised for the field project.

Students may have noticed the new lights installed in some classes downstairs, which replaced the older, hanging ones. This, however, is a completely separate project. Ramsey expects that, if it passes, every room will have certified LED lights down the road.

Mahkai Hunt ’23 said, “In the classroom, the lights are brighter, which makes it easy for me to look at my paper to do work. It’s better than the other lights, which are dim.”