Alumnus donates artwork for prayerful purpose


Steven Ri

Chuck Murillo ’55 donated a piece of artwork to Riordan, which President Andrew Currier graciously accepted. Paul Osborne ’55 accompanied his classmate to their alma mater for the event.

Steven Rissotto ’20, Editor-in-Chief

The chapel at Archbishop Riordan High School has always been a creative and holy space for students to display their faith. Recently, the area received a new gift that acts as a key reminder that prayer is available at anytime.

Paul Osborne ’55 and Chuck Murillo ’55 lit up the hallway in front of the chapel with their enthusiasm as they teamed up to donate a plaster relief of Mary. It will be placed outside the holy space, matching the exact colorscheme of its new neighbor, a small Mary statue.

Murillo, who graduated nearly 65 years ago, purchased the Italian-made art in 1978. Just over 41 years later, he and his lifelong friend

Osborne decided to present Riordan with the work of art.

“Prayer is essential and we can learn about yourself and others,” Murillo said. “Everyone should go on retreats. Cops, priests, students, everyone. We need more self-reflection.”

The two men, both in their early 80s, examined the area outside the chapel, self-reflecting on their beloved former school. They were met by President Dr. Andrew Currier, Fr. Goran Jovicic, and Development Associate Kirsten Murtagh. Currier, his eyes widening, was amazed by the glowing beauty the art piece possessed.

After a discussion on a couple of possible locations for the artwork, the conversation turned to mutual connections and catching up on the glory days.

The socializing was a reminder that the spiritual connection to Riordan rarely goes away between brothers.

As a matter of fact, the veteran Crusaders are expected to turn to the current Crusader engineering department to create a plaque to commemorate the donation.

Murillo and Osborne’s call for more retreats is right up the alley of Riordan’s current system. As of now, there are retreats for all grade levels at the school that focus on spiritual prayer.

Murillo is making a difference in the community with his donation. “I’m hoping students walk by every once in a while and use it as a reminder, ‘Hey, I should pray today’.”