Riordan at 70: Alberto Cruz ’89

Antonio Maffei , Website Editor

Alberto Cruz ’89 works for the Federal Aviation Administration at San Francisco International Airport, providing federal funding and oversight to the public–use airports helping them improve safety, meet operational demands, building and maintaining needed infrastructure improvements.

Before this, Cruz was a professional soccer player for the San Jose Grizzlies, Sacramento Scorpions and SF Bay Seals. He then moved onto the United States National Team. He said, “The feeling listening to the Star Spangled Banner had a whole new level and meaning for me, which still resonates to this day.”

In 1998, he was hired to lead ARHS’s Soccer Program and said it was an amazing experience for him.

Cruz said, “I didn’t have a most memorable [at Riordan] but had a series of memorable moments. Senior year is when everything and all that we struggled with accumulated to make sense. There was LIFE, Kairos, and soccer retreats. There were leadership activities, participating in the band at basketball and football games. All four years at ARHS had a huge impact on me, influencing values that help shape and develop my character. Although I continually evolve and change, ARHS provided the foundation and was the catalyst to make things happen.”

According to Cruz, life during the 80s was similar to current times minus the internet. “We had a diverse student body in all aspects; it seemed like we are all into something and staying busy. We had to figure things out for ourselves; I guess we had to because we had no internet.”

He added, “World events were happening around us. During Freshman ‘reg,’ we saw the tragic Challenger explosion live on TV. We had men visiting us and sharing their stories explaining the AIDs epidemic; Wall Street crashed. All types of music (and mixtapes) were being listened to on our Sony Walkman. Fashion was big as well. Those who could afford them wore Air Jordans. Others wore and loved ‘My Adidas.’ There were entrepreneurial kids roaming the halls selling fake LV wallets, and I bought one.”