Summer reading invites students to take a ride on The 57 Bus


Brandon Vargas '20

Students will be reading The 57 Bus during the summer of 2020.

Noah David '22, Staff Reporter

Despite COVID-19 and its effect on the school community, Riordan’s summer reading committee has decided to continue the annual program with the book The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime That Changed Their Lives by Dashka Slater. 

As stated by Danny Appel, Riordan’s librarian, this story “touches on themes such as race, gender, class differences, forgiveness, and redemption. Our committee decided on this story with the belief that this book would unite us as a community during this shelter-in-place act and coed transition and also appeal to the student body.” 

Additionally, Michael O’Brien, Riordan’s Dean of Academics, said, “We chose this book because of the current topics going on in our world today, and we thought it would interest our male and female student bodies. Instead of assigning multiple books, we only assigned one book this year because it would help us better unite students through conversations during mentor group meetings.” 

However, unlike past summers, students will not be required to do an assignment over the break. Instead, students will be given a reading quiz at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, consisting of true or false, multiple-choice, and short response questions. 

After learning this new change, sophomore Matthew Mendoza said, “Summer reading is a good way to prepare for the upcoming school year and this new change gives us more time to enjoy our summer.” 

Additionally, Oisin McClorey ‘22 said, “I’m glad that we only have to take a small quiz instead of a long assignment. I’m looking forward to just reading a book and not having to do any additional book report.” 

For more information, go to the announcement on the school website.