Riordan Athletics to offer nine sports for incoming girls


Kotas Pantaleoni Architects

This illustration of the women’s locker room by Tony Pantaleoni ’70 shows the design for one aspect of the new multi-room athletic facility.

Sebastian Elsner, Staff Reporter








Starting in the fall of 2020, girls will be a part of the Riordan community in every way, and this includes sports.

In the fall, Riordan will offer tennis, cross country, volleyball, and golf. In the winter, soccer, basketball, and wrestling. Spring sports available in 2021 will be track and field and swimming.

According to Athletic Director Bob Greene, “For the first year, the girls will play as an independent in many of the team sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis) and compete within the WCAL in individual type sports (Golf, Cross Country, Track & Field, Wrestling).”

For the most part, single-person sports might not have any conflict. For the team sports, there will be some changes, like managing time and field or court space for several teams, but the athletic department is working to ensure that all Crusader athletes have the same experience representing the Purple and Gold.

As for managing time and space, Brian Kelly, Dean of Student Affairs, said, “There will have to be some rearrangements of schedules, and looking at outside facilities to make sure all our teams have a place to practice.  The Archbishop Riordan Athletic Program will always strive to make sure every team is treated with fairness.”

Greene added, “No doubt managing practice space will be a challenge. We’ll use the space we have as much as humanly possible and operate off models other coed schools have used previously that we’ve evaluated.”

With a new field, revitalized gym, and remodeled locker rooms for all athletes, Greene noted, “Athletics play a vital role in a student’s high school experience, so it will be important that we offer our girls a solid athletic experience to help make the coed transition that much better for them as new members of our school community.”

He added, “With that thought, we are striving to reach that goal in the same way we have over the years with male athletics —create an inclusive, family environment, get great coaches and staff to teach them, meet them where they are, help them grow, and provide each girl a platform to have fun and be challenged to have a great experience and reach their potential.”

Track and field athlete Coral Shafer ’21 said, “I’m excited to meet new teammates and train with a new coach.”

Claire Ibalio ’22, who plans to participate on the tennis and swim teams, said, “I am excited for the new opportunities and experiences, and having the ability to make an impact for future girls at Riordan.”