Crusader tennis team calls game, match, set


Lance Yearbok

Cristopher Navarrete ’20 was one of the seniors on the tennis team.

Ethan Vargas , Staff Reporter

After the 2019 season, the Archbishop Riordan Tennis team was looking to start the new 2020 season successfully. Due to the cancellation of all sporting events because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were not able to play.

Cristopher Navarrete ’20, a member of the tennis team, said, “I am disappointed that the season had to end the way it did,    because it was the time of the year that I was really looking forward to, since it’s when I’m the most involved in school.”

Even though Cristopher doesn’t feel that he has left a mark on the team, his leadership role has led the team a long way. He stated, “I am grateful that I got the chance to say I was involved.” For now, with the season over, he says that he’s been holding on and hopeful that the future will turn things around for the team.

Cristopher looks back at how far he and his teammates have come. “I couldn’t tell how well everyone was playing during the times we were at games or practices,” he mentioned, “but throughout the seasons everyone has improved and found their places on the team.” He went on to say, “Seeing how far everyone has come, I can say that I’m sure the tennis team will have more success in the next season.”

While all sporting events at Riordan have shut down for the rest of the school year, everyone is hopeful for even better seasons to come as we rise out of this pandemic and come out looking forward to a brighter future.