Campus Ministry keeps Catholic faith alive on campus


Archbishop Riordan Campus Ministry

Chaplain Fr. Cameron Faller delivers his weekly Gospel reflection digitally.

Anthony-Domingo Wierzba '23, Staff Reporter

As Archbishop Riordan and every other school in the county started school online this year, students and staff have also not been able to attend Mass in person as a community.

However, there are multiple ways Riordan has worked to continue to keep our faith during school which include, prayers before the start of class, prayer services by Fr. Faller on Fridays, adoration, which allows people to pray outside of church, and through the Staff Rosary, where the staff meets online to pray the Rosary.

“Live-streamed Masses provide the opportunity for students to deepen their faith during remote learning. Our community comes together to grow spiritually, and it is in this joint moment that we see Christ in others and in ourselves,” Riordan’s religion teacher Elizabeth Watters explained.

The Masses help everyone at Riordan continue to have a connection to the church and to have a better understanding of the Catholic faith.

“Going to Mass made me closer with God, and got me more involved with something,” Anthony Wuestifeld ’23 explained.

Although everyone is trying to continue their faith digitally, there are new ways to do so, which include the upcoming digital Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Kairos retreats.

While some people are skeptical, Riordan’s chaplain Fr. Cameron Faller said, “‘We know that all things work for good for those who love God’ (Romans 8:39). Therefore, as hard as this moment might be, our faith teaches us that God hasn’t abandoned us and God can use this situation for our good. I would encourage students to reflect on what God can bring out of this situation. How can we grow from this situation?”