SF supervisors approve 1,100 new homes at Balboa Reservoir


John McQuaid ’22

The Balboa Reservoir will develop into a community with 1,100 units of housing.

Clark Kelly ’21, Staff Reporter

Through the approval of Mayor London Breed and District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee, on April 28, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) received the go-ahead to build 1,100 units of housing in the Balboa Reservoir to help support the influx of new residents coming to San Francisco. 

Originally, the Balboa Reservoir was never actually a reservoir. It was a piece of land purchased 60-70 years ago and the City of San Francisco was supposed to build a reservoir but it never happened. Currently, the Balboa Reservoir is used as parking for students at City College and Archbishop Riordan High School. 

“People that go to City College like having their parking spots, so we had to appease both sides,” CAC Chair Jon Winston stated. “A lot of people don’t like change, so we have to find a way to appease everyone.”

Some local residents have stated their concerns about future traffic in the area, which will also affect Riordan. 

We will experience an uptick in traffic on Frida Kahlo Way,” Riordan President Dr. Andrew Currier stated.  

The CAC plans to address this issue by redesigning the 43 MUNI bus route so it can move through traffic more easily, improving the walk to BART, and making public transportation in general much safer to the public. 

 The CAC aims to create not just “apartment buildings,” but a community where people are able to start their lives and feel comfortable living in.