Lakers Rise Above Bubble to be proclaimed Champions


Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat in 6 games to win the 2020 NBA Finals

Juan Carlos Campos ‘22, Staff Reporter

The 2019-2020 NBA season was stopped on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On June 26, the NBA finalized their plans to restart the season on July 30. The season took place at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida. 

Operating the three month NBA season completion at the Walt Disney Resorts would cost the NBA more than $150 million. 

Only 22 teams attended the bubble: 8 teams from each conference with the highest winning records and six teams that were within six games of the 8th seed in both conferences. 

All 22 teams played eight seeding games to help decide who would get the last seed in both conferences. 

The NBA restart brought back a source of entertainment for a lot of people, especially after not having any sports on TV for close to five months. 

George Tsokas ’22 said, “After not having sports live on TV for so long I was excited to be able to watch the NBA again even without fans in the arenas. It was fun being able to watch the games live while being stuck at home.” 

Throughout the three month restart of the NBA season, Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, said that among the NBA players and team staff there were zero positive Covid tests in the bubble. 

“It was good and crazy to see how no player or staff has tested positive for Covid while participating in the NBA bubble for 3 months. I think the NBA is leading by example in how the future of sports might look like until the pandemic is over,” Emilio Cruz ’22 said.

The 3 month NBA Bubble season has officially come to an end. 22 teams all competed in this historic NBA Bubble season but only one team went home as champions!

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning the 2020 NBA Title!