Entertainment world mourns loss of TV legend Trebek

Mahkai Hunt ’23, Staff Reporter

The famous Alex Trebek will always be remembered as the host of the game show, Jeopardy! for 37 seasons, and one of the most beloved game show hosts, having hosted over 8,200 episodes.  Trebek unfortunately died from pancreatic cancer in early November. 

Alex Trebek was not always the host of Jeopardy! At first, he was a Canadian sports announcer on the CBC Network. Additionally, he hosted many other game shows such as, Double Dare, High Rollers, Battlestars, and The Wizard of Odds. 

Trebek holds the World Record for hosting the most episodes of a game show. After taking a break to mourn Trebek’s passing, the game show resumed at the end of November with several guest hosts until the show will settle on a replacement. His last episode aired on Jan. 8. 

Dovocan McClain ’23 said, “I remember watching Jeopardy with my mom and grandma when I was younger. Watching the show was always fun for us to do and I was sad to hear that the host passed away earlier last month.”  

Additionally, Patrick Zamora-Salazar ’23 said although he did not watch Jeopardy!, he has heard many good things about the show. He said, “I remember hearing the catchy theme song of the game show.”

The theme song is perhaps as popular as the show itself, as students start humming it in classrooms whenever someone is taking too long to answer a question. This always puts students in a good mood and those who hummed the song, along with everyone else, will miss Alex Trebek.