Drama Club spotlights multiple alumni guests


Photo provided by Valerie O’Riordan

Members of the Riordan Drama Club welcomed Jimmie Fails ’12 to their afternoon Zoom meeting.

Edward Macdonald ’23, Staff Reporter

Drama Club moderator Valerie O’Riordan invited celebrity Riordan alumni as guests for the weekly Zoom meeting. 

Each guest gave an inspirational talk about their experiences after graduation from Riordan and becoming an actor.  They also spoke about the entertainment industry in general. 

The reasoning behind it was simple, O’Riordan said, “With COVID and distance learning, we have no other option, but to meet via Zoom. The best part is that these alumni would probably not have the means or time to drive or fly to San Francisco.” 

“The alumni really helped me learn about what the industry was like,” said Julien Untalan ’24. 

The alumni talked about their creative process and the recent films they have written and acted in. At the end of each speech, there is time for Q&A.  

The guests have included Jimmie Fails ’12, known for The Last Black Man In San Francisco, Joe Spano ’63 known for Hill Street Blues and NCIS, and Dominic Nolfi ’96, who starred on Broadway in the lead for Jersey Boys and is currently in The Doo Wop Project

“I like having alumni because it helps show what drama club was like and gives us a connection that a lot of people are missing Right now,” said Andrei Lynch ’22.

During one of the meetings, Fails said, “The most important thing is to keep writing, that’s the only way to get better.” 

The Drama Club meets on Thursdays via Zoom.