AP courses’ advanced plan for testing


Noah David ’22

AP courses are preparing for another year under COVID guidelines.

Sarai Melendez '22, Staff Reporter

Last year, because of COVID-19, AP exams were administered online and shortened to 45 minutes, rather than multiple hours. For the school year 2020-2021, the College Board, for now, has decided that the exams will cover the course’s full content, and will support in- school testing, while also having an online option, if students feel unsafe taking the test in person.

With the unpredictability of this school year, and students who still are unsure whether or not to take the exam, the College Board has decided that this year there will be no fee if a student decides to cancel or not take the exam in May. It is recommended, however, that students keep their options open, as there will still be a $40 fee for late orders.

With certainty, like every year, AP exams will take place in May. A quick Google search or email to a counselor or AP teacher can help students determine the date of their exam(s).

This year, Riordan established a 4×4 block schedule, where students take four classes each semester and a yearly course is reduced to a semester. Students

who have decided to take AP classes are either taking them in the first semester or the second.

Ashley Vega ’23, who is taking AP Spanish this first semester, stated, “I feel like taking the exam in May won’t affect me, but it might affect other students who are not as fluent as me and might forget Spanish.”

It is statistically shown that if a student does not practice a language for a long period, he or she is bound to forget some words and grammar.

Riordan’s solution to students who are taking AP classes in the first semester is during the second semester, teachers will reserve days to go over what the students learned in the first semester and also further prepare them for the exam in May.

Maya Torres ’22, who is taking APUSH in the second semester, stated, “I don’t know if I will be fully prepared for the exam.”

There is no doubt that teachers will be trying to push through all the material to prepare the students for the exam.

Cory Nelson, APUSH teacher of the second semester states, “Because this year we are teaching in semesters and since we are starting semester 2 later than normal,APUSH is starting early. I will have to start on period 3 instead of 1 because of all the time we will miss.”

Teachers who teach A.P classes in the second semester may begin their classes earlier, as classes in the second semester officially begin on January 25, and the exam is in May. Whether a student takes the test online or in-person, with the help of teachers, they can be prepared for the exam in May.