Riordan barber creates buzz with fresh cuts


Julian Gregorio '19

Barber Jacob Gregorio ’22 styles the hair of Kevin Carranceja ’21.

Zion Wells '23, Staff Reporter

Jacob Gregorio ’22 also known as “Jake or Jakutz” is a junior at Riordan and is one of the up and coming young barbers out of Daly City.

Gregorio is a well-known barber at school and is one of the reasons students came fresh to their picture day this year. Many students get cut by him, and like their results.

Jacob is not only a barber, but participated in football and basketball his freshman year, and also played junior varsity basketball his sophomore year.

The idea of cutting hair started when his older brother Julian Gregorio ’19 became a barber. Jacob wanted to learn, and start something on his own. He and his brother cut “the hair of students, graduates, and even some staff members at Riordan, like Coach Jones, Christopher Murray ’22, and Jeremiah Tejuco ’22.

Murray said, “I didn’t always get my haircut by him, but after seeing most of my friends go, I decided to check it out. My first time was great and I enjoyed what I got, so I became a regular customer for so on.”

Gregorio stated, “This business did not just teach me how to cut hair, but it taught me how to manage my time, schedule appointments, make and maintain money, and get to know more people in the community.”

The role of being a barber while maintaining school work and playing sports can be a bit stressful, but he manages his time wisely.

Cutting hair can be difficult, especially when he has a diverse clientele with different hair types. Also, time plays a big role in being a barber because it reflects on how organized he is. He said he does an hour slot for each haircut because some appointments could take longer than others, depending on hair texture and length. Jacob charges on a scale from $25-35 depending on what the customer gets and how long it takes.

Jeremiah Tejuco ’22 said, “I really like how his prices are not super high compared to barbers charging $50 or more. The price is worth it because you pay for what you get, and he always takes his time and does a great job.”