First girls soccer team takes aim for success


Lance Yearbook Staff

Nora Maguire ‘24 makes a move past a St.Ignatius player during one of the first games

Addison Hwang ’24, Staff Reporter

Welcoming girls from all over San Francisco and becoming a co-educational school has become a huge achievement for Archbishop Riordan High School. It has not only been a new experience for many, but it also allowed new opportunities to bloom. 

That being said, one of Riordan’s new opportunities is being able to start the first ever girls soccer team. This is not only a huge milestone, but it is also one of the very exciting firsts Riordan will have.

On April 21, all girls at Archbishop Riordan High School were finally able to begin training for their upcoming soccer season. For this year’s team, which is JV only, all grades were allowed to join the team instead of having a JV, varsity, and freshman team. 

“When I first joined the team and found out it was a team with all grades, it was kind of intimidating, but after getting to know everyone I felt everyone was very welcoming and supportive too!” said Deanie Cooper ’24. 

Amaya Amador ’24 added, “I really like having a mixed grade team because most of the older girls (seniors and juniors) are advanced, so they are able to teach us many different  techniques and always motivates us to do better!”

Additionally, due to Covid, the soccer season, as well as many other sports seasons, was pushed back. However, many sports were able to begin their season with time and carefully planned safety precautions! 

The excitement and perseverance to work hard and have a great season from all 17 girls on the soccer team overcomes these inconveniences to have a great season. 

“It feels special to carry that title of the ‘first girls soccer team’ here at Riordan. It gives me another reason to be more competitive so we can show other schools what Riordan is really about,” said Amador.

Cooper said, “It’s really cool to be a part of the first girls soccer team at Riordan. Everyone on the team is really supportive since a lot of people haven’t ever played soccer. It’s not only really fun, but I look forward to going to all the practices because I always have a good time.”

Practicing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday has been a key way for the team to “work and communicate really well together,” added Cooper, as well as being able to maintain shape for the upcoming season, and as a new upcoming team.  

These soccer girls are a tremendous group of young women”

— Erin Stovall

Coach Erin Stovall believes, “These soccer girls are a tremendous group of young women. They have everything you can ask for in terms of attitude and a willingness to learn. They are a very young and green team that lacks experience, but I have every faith that our summer and off season training will allow these girls to continue to grow.”

She added, “For many of them, this is their first time playing soccer. Each game they have continued to build and improve. They have a bright future ahead of them!”