Artist donates ethereal glass mosaic of Jesus’ face


Photo by The Crusader Staff

A glass mosaic depicting the face of Jesus was donated by the artist Dr. Richard Mani, and will be placed in a religious studies room some time in the future.

Logan Estrada '22, Staff Reporter

     Last year, Archbishop Riordan received a donated piece of art, a plaster relief of Mary, now outside the chapel. This year, another artistic presentation of faith will be added to the campus. 

     The art, “a mosaic icon of Christ’s face, was designed and constructed by Dr. Richard Mani,” as explained by President Dr. Andrew Currier.

     According to Dr. Currier, Dr. Mani trained in mosaic art in Venice, Italy and has worked for years to perfect the art of glass artwork.  He has a home workshop where he cuts marble, wood, glass, and all the materials “he uses to compose these masterpieces that serve to greater glorify God.”

      The placement of this newly acquired treasure will be one of the newly renovated religion classrooms in the near future. 

     Art teacher Irman Arcibal, described it as

A stunning piece that instantly impacts the viewer, even not knowing the background.”

— - Irman Arcibal

     For those who view it, there is an instant, deep connection that is difficult to explain, and photos of the work do not do it justice. The importance of the piece, however, is not in doubt. 

     Dr. Currier said, “I believe this is important for a few reasons: This kind of religious artwork helps focus our minds and thoughts on Jesus Christ; the time and detail put into the creation of this artwork is a testament to the power of faith and the creativity of men and women who seek to glorify God in a beautiful and personal way.”

     He added, “I believe this is also a good reminder of Dr. Mani’s great resolve to help genuinely Catholic schools reach the students better in terms of faith formation.”