Seniors attend school’s first coed, in-person Kairos retreat


Seniors gathered together to express their love for Kairos

Zailea Mae Flores ’22, Staff Reporter

A spiritual retreat is a time to withdraw from everyday life.  It encourages people to reach a level of self-awareness when reflecting on one’s life and their relationship with the divine. The ultimate goal is the growth in closeness to our peers and with God.  

In contrast to last year’s virtual circumstances, Riordan’s Campus Ministry held their first co-ed in-person Fall Senior Kairos this month.  An astounding number of 31 seniors participated in this year’s retreat. 

As for the new in-person conditions, Leo Magnaye ’05,  Campus Ministry Assistant said, “The spirit of Kairos was still felt during virtual retreats. However, the in-person aspects accompanied by the surrounding natural environment allow the essence of God to be felt in the retreat. Being at Redwood Glen and their outdoor theater, campfire, and talk room highlighted the need that we had to be with people especially after being in quarantine for so long.” 

What exactly happens on Fall Senior Kairos is a closely guarded secret. Thus, begs the question as to what drew the seniors to attend the retreat. 

Cole Anderson ’22 explained how he was heavily influenced by the teachers and past seniors that continuously conveyed Kairos to be an amazing experience. While they couldn’t tell him anything about Kairos itself, he trusted their judgment. 

He looked forward to taking a step back from school and his devices in order to take the time to be fully present in life. In the end, he felt as though it definitely paid off. 

With all the raw emotions and feelings accompanied by reflection and group sharing, the students gained valuable experiences during this year’s Fall Senior Kairos. 

Matthew Mendoza ’22 commented on the effects of the Fall Senior Kairos, saying, “I would describe the effect that Kairos had on me as enlightening. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself as a person and my relationships with God and the people around me as a result of Kairos.”

Being surrounded by nature was one of the best parts of Kairos, it felt like i was truly connected with everyone there through nature. the fresh air was the best part, and being surrounded by nature the whole time was an amazing experience many often dont get to do ”

— Cole Anderson '22