Confidence in Biden wavers as his polls dip


Wikimedia Commons

President Biden’s poll numbers have fallen because of recent actions by his administration.

Bo Wyatt '24, Staff Reporter

During the 2020 election cycle, Biden was viewed by many Democrats, and a large percentage of centrists, like a light at the end of a long, harrowing tunnel. Despite not being a first choice, over 81 million Americans rallied to defeat Trump, electing the former vice president. 

However, amid the resurgence of COVID-19, the controversial Afghanistan withdrawal, economic recession, continuously inhumane conditions at detention centers, and heavy Republican opposition to Biden’s agenda, his polls and approval rating have drastically dropped. 

Will Parker ’24 stated, “President Biden has been relatively unsuccessful as he hasn’t lived up to many of his campaign promises.” 

The general feeling among Americans is that Democratic leadership has resulted in legislative inaction, and Biden lacks the tenacity to unite parties. Despite alleging during his campaign that his election would result in the restoration of proper government leadership, alleviation of border concerns, active battling of climate change, and uniting of communities, this rhetoric is yet to parallel his policies. 

To me, Joe Biden is an okay president. I just feel like he’s not doing as much as he said he would.”

— Ja’leigh Lang ’24

Although Biden’s ambitious plan to implement a $555 billion plan to fight climate change was initially promising, due to the faction of conservatism within the Democratic Party, namely Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, it hasn’t been enacted. 

Furthermore, there was a large Republican turnout in the recent New Jersey and Virginia elections, with a Republican victory in Virginia, while Democrat Phil Murphy was reelected in New Jersey. These gubernatorial elections often predict midterm results, and illustrate public opinion on the president, therefore showing that the stalled agenda, due to a variety of factors, yet exposing the in-party disorder, has disappointed citizens. Overall, as Americans grow increasingly vexed with Democratic performance, a reflection in the midterms of these views can be expected.   

LBJ said politics is the art of the possible, and in that case, Joe Biden is doing what he can by passing an infrastructure bill; however, I fear his inaction on several policies will result in political strife in the United States.”

— Mike Kennedy, History teacher

Nonetheless, Democrats can still boost Biden’s polls by 2022, and with Congress recently passing the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the addition of 531,000 jobs, and Covid cases plateauing, it is highly likely that people’s judgment of Biden will shift, and become progressively more positive.