‘A Christmas Carol’ captures holiday spirit


Sophia Carrasquilla '22

The ghost of Jacob Marley (Andrei Lynch ’22) visits Scrooge (Abby Donovan ’22) on Christmas Eve.

Anderson Ortiz '22

 In production since August, A Christmas Carol was a well performed play that introduced the Riordan community back into theater since it went on pause due to a pandemic. 

Producing a play after almost two years of being separated from others is a task that surely takes time, readjusting, and a great deal of work. 

That task was executed amazingly by Riordan’s cast and crew. Starting production in August and working long hours since then, a lot went into producing this play from everyone involved. 

Arianna Jaboneta ’23, an actor in the play, said, “There is so much that goes into preparing a play. Ms P rewrote the entire script herself, we had four hour rehearsals every day, the costumers have been finding costumes, and the sound and light people have been designing for months.”


A party Scene

 From actors memorizing their lines and practicing their delivery as well as understanding their characters personality and importance, to stage crew having to design the sets and practice switching between those sets to Drama Director Stefania Pierucci writing and directing the script on her own, a lot of hard work and dedication went into this play.

All that work shined through to the audience on Dec. 3, opening night, where an almost flawlessly executed rendition of the play was performed for many of Riordan’s families and students. 

Scrooge and Ghost of Christmas Past in a scene

I went into the play with moderate expectations, rationalizing that this was only a high school play and not only that, but the first live play since the pandemic had started, but my expectations were met and far surpassed by the performance.