Reardon transitions from principal to president


Angelina Ning '23

Principal Tim Reardon was named President of Archbishop Riordan High School for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

Joseph Zuloaga '23, News Editor

Timothy Reardon is the new president of Archbishop Riordan High School, succeeding Dr. Andrew Currier.

On Feb. 9, the official announcement was made to the Riordan community. Reardon has been serving as the school’s principal for the past five years, including this year, fulfilling the duties of both principal and interim president after the departure of Currier.

Reardon began his teaching career after college, at age 22, teaching English at his alma mater: Saint Ignatius. He coached basketball for 25 years and later became the alumni director at Saint Ignatius.

Social Science teacher Jackie Grealish was one of Reardon’s students at Saint Ignatius. She stated, “Mr. Reardon was a great teacher because he was so approachable. What I think most students appreciated about him was that he treated us like adults. He held us to high standards but also allowed for real conversations to take place during class and in the halls.”

She recalled the most meaningful conversations she has had with Reardon over the years and highlights that he always made her feel like her perspective mattered.

Reardon was hired by newly-hired President Currier in 2017.He reminisced and stated that during their time at Riordan, they were “a good match.” “We are both very good friends, we were good at things the other wasn’t, and we complimented each other well,” Reardon added. As principal, he witnessed many historic events at Riordan, such as the gym renovation, the institution of the House System, the creation of the Engineering Program, the opening of Mayer Family Field, the school becoming a coed institution, the impact of COVID-19, and most recently, the creation of the Biomedical Program.

“All these major events have made me a better leader,” stated Reardon. “I got to collaborate with an amazing group of administrators and directors to ensure a smooth transition to coeducation, and we used every possible resource to become the first SF high school approved for reopening.”

During the times of isolation due to COVID, Reardon believed that “kids needed to get back in the classrooms as soon as possible.” Both he and Currier understood the negative effects of isolation, and they wanted students to experience the fun of being around their friends every day. After the departure of Currier at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Reardon was named interim president up until this February.

As the school’s new president, Reardon will officially assume responsibilities he has already held as interim president, different from the ones he held as principal. “The president is the outward facing leadership of the school whereas the principal is the inward facing leadership.”

Reardon’s new roles will entail working with the Facilities Director Brandon Ramsey, the Development Director Simon Chiu, and working with the Finance Department and the school’s Strategic Planning Committee. Looking to the future, Reardon hopes to open up new unused spaces of the school for students to hang out. He is eyeing the inner courtyard where the greenhouse and the engineering shed are.

With Reardon becoming president, the search for a new principal has begun. Reardon is eager for student input. “In the end, I am looking for someone who has youthful energy, someone who is not afraid of creativity and change, and understands the mission of Archbishop Riordan,” he said.

Reardon hopes the Riordan community “holds onto our traditions and continues in the Marianist tradition of innovation
and change.”

Caton Deval Santos ’22 believes Reardon “was the best choice on filling the role as president.”

“He models the virtues that we as a Marianist school value and above all, like what we sing at Mass, like a disciple of Christ, he truly does carry out his mission of love.”

— Caton Deval Santos '22