Wrestlers return to mat for successful comeback


Aberouette family

David Aberouette ‘22 won the CCS championship in his division.

Logan Estrada ‘22, Staff Reporter

The 2021-2022 wrestling season has welcomed in a promising group of talent so far. This is the first full season of Riordan wrestling, with girls now included on the team, due to COVID restrictions that canceled the wrestling season last year. 

This team continues to show its determination and competitive spirit within the student-athletes and coaches throughout this breakthrough season. 

Zac Contreras, Riordan wrestling coach, stated, “The most improved wrestlers this season so far have been Cash Bolos ’23, Jahmon Burton ’22, and Gino Andrini ’22. A typical practice in the room usually consists of the team going through what we call a sequence of moves. These are to be done with intensity so we can replicate match situations and it also doubles as a cardio workout.”

Contreras added, “My expectations for the remainder of the season is for everyone on the team to be brought into the coaching staff and the program as a whole. Put these together, and we can do great things!” 

Garrick Cordova ’22 said, “I think this season has been pretty good so far considering it has been a long time since we’ve wrestled. We came off to a rough start but we will continue to improve and be prepared for the postseason.” 

Marcella Fabre ‘’22, remarked, “The best part of competing for this team is working hard every day not just for this season, but postseason. I’m excited to see where our training will take us this year and the years to come. The team itself is another enjoyable part of being on the team. We all support one another to work our hardest, and push ourselves to be the best as a team.”

With the results of the WCAL championships, 5 wrestlers took 1st place, 6 took 2nd, 3 took 3rd, and 1 took 4th.

Following CCS, David Aberouette ‘22 finished as WCAL Champ in the 160lb division, becoming just the 4th CCS champ in school history. He went on to go 2-2 at the CIF State tournament. David explains, “Going into the CIF Wrestling Championships I felt confident and excited. I had no pressure so I was going out to every match with love and a passion for the sport, driving me to push harder and succeed. I never experienced an atmosphere like it, the huge arena and the Jumbotron made it feel like the big leagues. As I walk out the tunnel for my matches my heart starts racing but once the whistle blows I get comfortable and back in my groove. Aberouette states, “The experience was basically me going out there with my coaches to put all they taught me on display and to have fun in the sport we love.

Overall, the 2022-2023 ARHS wrestling program displayed stellar performance throughout the season. The team hopes to grow even stronger for the next upcoming year.

Lucas Navarro ’23 pins an opponent in a recent wrestling match. (Ryan Garcia)