49ers’ season ends as quarterback question begins

Arman Mander ‘25, Staff reporter

The San Francisco 49ers had a decent season with their first appearance in two years in the NFC Championship Finals. They had an exciting season, starting with a two-game win streak in the beginning and three game win streak towards the end.

Along the way, the Niners had great moments, starting with a dominating game against the Raiders in the preseason, beating them 34-10. The team also had some more spectacular plays. No one can forget the great defensive plays shutting down Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, which brought them to the NFC Championship.

Lastly, in a nail biter, the 49ers lost the NFC Championship game to the Los Angeles Rams by three points. The Rams went on to win the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now that the season is over the fans are revisiting the quarterback yet again. “I think that Deebo Samuel and players like Nick Bosa did well, but the quarterback was mediocre,” said Aiden Pavon ’25.